TTTC 5: Armageddon

After 7 years of hosting, it is time for a new hosting venture. For 49 seasons, hundreds of players have competed in TTRS through a variety of formats, but the most popular ones always being from MTV's The Challenge. Well now, the Turney Time franchise is ready to make its mark with an all new series, Turney Time The Challenges. Players will have to compete through a variety of challenges, social settings, and strategic games to prove they are a cut above the rest. For the fifth season, 32 players will be traveling out to Australia for a game of ARMAGEDDON.

AlanDuncan (Alan D)/jman96 (Jordan M)
bamold1999 (Tyler M)/Josh742 (Josh P)
BluJay112 (Nick M)/RealJacksonWalsh (Jack W)
BOBROCKS333 (Jacob S)/5651Omar (Omar C)
Eoin (Eoin E)/PoohSnap (James D)
Iceey (Ryan B)/sjsoccer88 (Steve J)
Kelly0412 (Kelly R)/immaxyman (Issy J)
Lemjam6 (Jake B)/Ramanik (Kamani W)
MoooHades (Liam M)/Jxhn (John B)
NJKoda1998 (Nick J)/JetsRock12 (AJ B)

Episode 05 (11th)- Christian_ (Christian B)/joey96 (Joey S) [Last Place in Glide Home Purge Mission]
Episode 04 (12th)- ElectraViv (Vivian L)/LaFierceBrittany2 (Brittany J) [Lost in Puzzle Me This to Nick J/AJ, Did Not Attempt]
Episode 03 (13th)-  Patrick319 (Patrick J)/winner132 (Marissa W) [Lost in Die Hard to Christian & Joey S]
Episode 02 (14th)- splozojames50 (Splozo J)/jojo7784 (Joey F) [Lost in Colors of the Wind to Nick M & Jack]
Episode 02 (15th)- jacksonjoseph99 (Jackson J)/Eilish (Bryan J) [Quit Before Armageddon]
Episode 01 (16th)- Lalisa (Chili L)/LockerAmi (Ami L) [Lost in Beat The Clock to Tyler & Josh]


Featured Players 20 playing

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Episode 6: Mission
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Episode 5: Mission
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Mission 5- Alan/Jordan's Thread
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TTTC 5: Armageddon

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