JR Big Brother - Side House

Main house: https://tengaged.com/group/9447-j2999s-big-brother-season-1
Contains confessionals, voting history, etc.

Also going to post twists here and when they come into use, just so that no accusations for rigging are fired!

Season 1:
Untapped Potenial- JarBearFTW
Best Confessionals- NopalitoLegend01
Worst Move- Everyone for saving Raydiz33 Week 1
Best Move- PeterParker16
Player of the Season- joey65409 / MrBird
Host's Favourite Player- joey65409
Season 2:
Hero of the Season- LaFierceBrittany2
Villain of the Season- BluJay112
Best Move- N/A
Worst Move- FOUSLAY for saving Non-Fouslay before player returned with power (LoveLife,BluJay112,paul028,Sloth_Roman)
Player of the Season- Sloth_Roman
Host's Favourite Player- Sloth_Roman
Season 3:
Hero of the Season- Maddog16
Villain of the Season- Hufus
Best Move- pinkiepie512 backdooring RedFabFoxy
Worst Move- Vlad21 evicting Silver09 instead of Latisha0987
Untapped Potential- boicam77
Player of the Season- Vlad21
Host's Favourite Player- Vlad21

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JR Big Brother - Side House

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