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Episode 15 | Spirit Realm Competition #2

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10 days 16 hours ago
This competition is called “Election Day” and here’s how it works

The Darkness has finally weakened, causing the gateway to the Overworld to open up. The gate is only large enough for two players to enter, meaning that only two players will reenter the game.

With so many players filling up the Spirit Realm, it was decided that the fairest way to determine who should be allowed to pass through the gateway would be to hold a democratic vote. This means that everyone will be allowed to cast votes for other players in the Spirit Realm.

Everyone will be given TEN votes that they must distribute to as many players as they want, however, you MUST give votes to at least TWO DIFFERENT PLAYERS. You CANNOT give votes to yourself, and you MUST give away all 10 votes for your submission to be considered valid.
        -Example: 7 votes to Mike, 3 votes to Newz.
        -Example: 7 votes to Mike, 1 vote to Newz, 1 vote to Jade, 1 vote to Paige

The player with the MOST votes, and the player with the LEAST votes, will BOTH return to the game.

NOTE: Any ties will be broken by random draw.

NOTE: You only get ONE submission for this competition. Once you have submitted your votes this CANNOT be changed.

NOTE: If you do not submit, you will be INELIGIBLE to win this competition.

Submissions for this competition will be due by Tuesday (5/4/21) at 6:00 PM EST
9 days 18 hours ago

Kelly: 40
Brittany: 25
Nolan: 18
Callia: 8
Alan: 6
Tris: 5
Kiara: 4
Julian: 3
Keith: 3
Sean: 3
Viv: 3
Stoner: 2

Tris: 9 Kelly, 1 Brittany
Sean: 2 Viv, 2 Kiara, 2 Callia, 2 Nolan, 1 Brittany, 1 Kelly
Alan: 8 Kelly, 1 Brittany, 1 Nolan
Kiara: 5 Kelly, 5 Callia
Viv: 9 Kelly, 1 Keith
Stoner: 2 Tris, 2 Julian, 2 Keith, 2 Sean, 2 Alan
Nolan: 5 Kelly, 5 Brittany
Kelly: 5 Nolan, 3 Brittany, 2 Alan
Julian: 5 Brittany, 5 Nolan
Keith: 9 Brittany, 1 Tris
Brittany: 5 Nolan, 3 Kelly, 1 Alan, 1 Callia
Callia: 2 Stoner, 2 Kiara, 2 Tris, 1 Sean, 1 Alan, 1 Julian, 1 Viv

Congratulations, Kelly and Stoner, you have won the Spirit Realm Competition and will return to the game!

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