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Semifinal Match 1 - Icarus_Mark(8) vs KrisStory(28)

Only group members players can vote


FINAL 4!!!!!  OMG THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!  <3  There's just one more match separating me and the finale, and I would love to have your support again.  We have both fought our ways here and deserved our spots, so I wish Kris the best of luck!  馃挍


Thank you all so much guys, it means a lot! Semi-finals is a big deal.
I hope I can make it to the end and finally win something on here that is similar to stars. All thanks to y鈥檃ll regardless.

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  1. sjsoccer88close as expected! congrats Kris. Good effort mark
  2. JourdanBabyXoXoBtw, i voted Kris. But goodluck survivor. (Nothing personal Mark. Kris is my oldest friend on here)
  3. JourdanBabyXoXogoodluck guys
  4. Redsoxfan520Damn tough vote
  5. adamgrantMark
  6. melindaMrskkMark
  7. JuliannMark :D
  8. MBG93kris
  9. HolderKris
  10. DavidM7Kris 馃挄
  11. tonyalbrightOh no I am not voting in this. Love you both too much to pick.
  12. Katherinee_Mark
  13. FireWolfMark
  14. HUNTERBC88Kris
  15. kwiens18Kris
  16. Ari_Mark
  17. RedFabFoxyMark
  18. TaraGMark <3
  19. WpwSers196Mark good luck to both