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Finals Match - KrisStory(28) vs k4r4k(3)

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Am I really here?! I’ve never expected to fare so well in a popularity-based game.
Those close to me know that 2nd place has kinda been my thing, unintentionally, and as “honoring” a legacy it is, I’d love to pick up a W.

Click my button 1 last time!


Ermagherd! Thanks for all the votes to get me here 💜 I just need your clicks one more time to bring home the win!! I really appreciate all your help 🙌🏻 Gl Kris! #battleoftheKs #ilikedogs
Please click here vvvvv


  1. MrkkThis sucks
  2. ArcaninemasterKARRAAAAA
  3. Katherinee_KARA
  4. adamgrantKara
  5. Icarus_MarkSorry Kris, but I've known and looked up to Kara a lot more. Nothing personal. Good luck to the both of you, and good game <3
  6. RoshyKris I’ve known for years =[ sry
  7. Macda27I hate both of these two
  8. Boy3shooterKara<3
  9. Ari_Kara
  10. DavidM7Most iconic F2 in existence. Been support I,g you both since the beginning. Had to vote Mara though since I've known her since I joined the site but GL both
  11. CoachWadeKara
  12. stuartlittle16Maybe Kris will win something for once
  13. NicoleFEw ugly f2...Icarus_Mark and BluJay112 robbed
  14. ThebestlerHoHKris
  15. jwbrineK4r4k
  16. HUNTERBC88Kris for the win.
  17. JourdanBabyXoXoI love both. But Kris is my oldest friend on the site and introduced me to everything on this site basically. Have to vote him. But I will be happy with either winning!!!!!!
  18. Aidan0621Kara :)
  19. FireWolfKara
  20. austino15fffanKara< 3
  21. CromatiqueKris
  22. RedFabFoxyKara <3
  23. Absolkara k.
  24. MarieEveKara 💗💝
  25. JasoiKris
  26. AquamarineLOL Kris if you lose this shit too I'm gonna CACKLE
  27. WpwSers196kara