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S16: Eviction 14

Topic » S16: Eviction 14

956 days 12 hours ago
Congratulations Birks, as the final Head of Household, you are guaranteed a spot in the Final 2 and the chance to plea your case to the jury.

You now have the sole vote to evict either Logan or Megan, making them the ninth and final member of the jury.

Please cast your vote to evict by 6:35pm EST in this forum.

Good luck all.
956 days 12 hours ago
Im so sorry Logan but Megan and I have had a final 2 since Day 1 and we both promised to take each other and even did this competition together. You're an amazing person and honestly I think you would beat either of us. I vote to evict Logan.
956 days 12 hours ago
It's official, Logan, you are the last person to be evicted from the Big Brother house.

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