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RSF Season 49: Moolah Beach 2

Season 49 will occur at the same time as Season 48 but in a different group I will link later.

For 7 and a half years, the RSF Franchise has established itself as one of the most competitive series on Tengaged and on the cusp of a landmark season the RSF Franchise is ready to see another battle.

We have seen intense eliminations and interchanging social politics encapture previous seasons ultimately culminating in few earning the title of RSF Champion and now more players will earn the chance to earn that title.

48 seasons ago, the RSF Franchise began on a beach where 20 people came together to ultimately kick off a series of intense games.

Now for Season 49, we return to this forlorn beach for yet another season.

Throughout the franchise we have seen the Franchise evolve in terms of general rules to season specific rules to different arcs of competitors.  We have had classic competitors and new blood battle it out and it is time to witness this evolution yet again.

You are welcomed back to hallowed ground for
RSF Season 49: Moolah Beach 2, Back to the Beach

*NOTE: This season will NOT follow the original rules of the TV Show/inaugural RSF Season of Moolah Beach but the format has evolved into a social game which will test those who dare to participate.  The rules will be posted with apps when they open sometime this upcoming week.  The season will fully be NON-LIVE.


RSF CHAMPION OF MOOLAH BEACH 2 - mysterygame2 (Blue) (Won Final Vote 21-11)
RSF CHAMPION OF MOOLAH BEACH 2 - Pieguy555 (Blue) (Won Final Vote 21-11)

2nd - Kgamer2218 (Black) (Lost Final Vote 21-11)
2nd - doubledarefan01 (Black) (Lost Final Vote 21-11)

3rd - NJKoda1998 (White) (Eliminated in Round 9)
3rd - coolexchangestudent (Black) (Eliminated in Round 9)
4th - MichelleFitzgerald (Black) (Eliminated in Round 8)
4th - wuau (Pink) (Eliminated in Round 8)
5th - Novamax243 (White) (Eliminated in Round 7)
5th - splozojames50 (Yellow) (Eliminated in Round 7)
6th - Leonine_Divine (Green) (Eliminated in Round 6)
6th - zorbo678 (Green) (Eliminated in Round 6)
7th - OATTY3 (Blue) (Eliminated in Round 5)
7th - legacy7 (Red) (Eliminated in Round 5)
8th - rawr121 (Gray) (Eliminated in Round 4)
8th - EliOrtiz1234 (Gray) (Eliminated in Round 4)
9th - CalebDaBoss (Green) (Eliminated in Round 3)
9th - BritishRomeo17 (Purple) (Eliminated in Round 3)
10th - waf_ (Lime) (Eliminated in Round 2)
10th - Nightcore (Black) (Eliminated in Round 2)
11th - Lemjam6 (Orange) (Eliminated in Round 1)
11th - RealJacksonWalsh (Orange) (Eliminated in Round 1)

Featured Players 3 playing

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RSF Season 49: Moolah Beach 2

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