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📻 Radio Star - Audience 📻


This group will be used to help control the voting. Only people who are in this group or the skype group will be able to vote. This should minimize multi influence. If you see a multi in this group, promptly let me know.

There will be two voting windows each week:

Saturday 8:00 PM CST - Sunday 8:00 PM CST = The audience will be voting on the performances of all contestants.

Sunday ~9:00 PM CST - Monday 8:00 PM CST = The audience will be voting on saving song performances of the bottom performers from the previous night.

Brief Summary of the Game.
Each week will begin with a Mansion event where Contestants will claim/receive a song for the week. The Contestants will send in recordings of themselves performing these songs. The Host will put these performances into a video package for judging. The Judges will listen and give a brief opinion on the performances. The Host will then add these Judges Opinions to the video package and make it available to an Audience for voting. The Audience will vote on the top 3 performances, and 1 bottom performance. The Host will gather the votes, and determine which 3 Contestants had the fewest votes. If there is a tie, the “1 bottom performance” vote will be used as a tiebreaker.  The Host will create a new viewing package for the Audience, this one having them vote on the Saving Song submitted by the bottom 3 Contestants. The Audience will then vote on these 3 songs. The Host will then announce which Contestant will be leaving for the week. The cycle will begin again with a new Mansion event, with new songs available.

12th - Contestant 12 (eliminated due to lack of participation)
11th - Sammy (eliminated due to lack of participation)
10th - Jackal (eliminated by Audience in Week 2)

The Gummy Bear
The Siren
The Silver Wolf
Lemon Drop
The Musical Fan
Pastel Dreams

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📻 Radio Star - Audience 📻

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