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The Slay Train

Official Group of The Slay Train!

Our Frat:

If you have any questions or concerns about The Slay Train, you can contact me here:


Frat Game Rules:

The frat members that decide to play will all be put into a poll. They will have 24 hours to vote for two nominees, and at the end of the 24 hours the two people with the highest percentage of votes will be nominated. Than, everyone on tengaged will vote to evict one of those two noms, and the person with the highest percentage of votes will be evicted. This will repeat until the final 3, and then the previously eliminated frat members will vote for a winner. Yes, there will be twists along the way.
Feel free to work together and make alliances! But although you are playing for a gift prize, the games are still meant to be fun. Please don't be rude to a fellow frat member. But with that being said, don't take any blindsides personally. After all, the main purpose of this is to have fun.
~You must be a member of the Frat to play
~You must be a member of this group to play

Season 1 Winner: Wade

Featured Players 2 playing

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  1. Vote For The WINNER2156 days 1 hour ago
  2. Evict for 3rd2157 days 12 hours ago
  3. Nomination for 3rd2158 days 10 hours ago
  4. Evict for 4th2159 days 11 hours ago
  5. Nomination for 4th (B)2160 days 12 hours ago

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The Slay Train

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