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CIRCLE (Season 2) [coming soon]

(yeah...this game is inspired by the homonymous movie "Circle", 2015)

16 or more players wake up in a darkened room, arranged in a concentric circle around a black dome, standing on red lightened circles. Electrical noises sound whenever they attempt to move or touch the others. If someone ignores the warning and leaves formation, a beam from the dome will kill them, and the dead will be eventually removed.

Moreover, even playing by the rules, every hour a dead man is probably required...and those players will be the ones who will decide each round's victim. How? The technology utilized in that room will allow them to use hand gestures to vote for who must die, on their choice, while white lightened arrows on the floor will show them their own vote but not others'. But remember that, some challenges could be hidden around the corner, prepared for you...

You will secretly vote on your own and you will be able to trust only yourself...but if you will not cooperate with others, you will not go further in the your game, and may the best player win against our "Circle"!

A gift prize (design) is guaranteed to whoever will this 2nd Season they could be more than 1 single winner... :P

1st Season - TheRoseHorse
2nd Season - ... [Sooner or Later]

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CIRCLE's 13th HOUR! The Final!
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  1. WHO DESERVES TO WIN?!550 days 23 hours ago
  2. Who deserves to stay alive?!554 days 2 hours ago
  3. Who deserves to stay alive?!556 days 11 hours ago
  4. Who deserves to stay alive?! (B)560 days 10 hours ago
  5. Who deserves to stay alive?! (A)560 days 10 hours ago

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CIRCLE (Season 2) [coming soon]

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