WWE Prediction Game 2019

Congratulations to Latisha0987 for winning the 2018 WWE Prediction Game!!

Here's how it works...For every WWE & NXT PPV this year we will hold prediction games! It's simple, once the match card for a show is finalized I will create a forum with all the matches. At that point you can either post in the forum or send me via mail your prediction for each match.

- For every NON-TITLE match you get correct you will score ONE (1) point

- For every TITLE match you get correct you will score TWO (2) point

- Incorrectly guessing a match result will result in ZERO (0) points but you will not lose any.

- If a title match ends in DQ or Count out, anyone who guessed on the match will receive a free 1 point even if it's a title match!

- There are no penalty points. If you forget a match or don't predict for a show you won't lose any points you'll get receive 0. You will also be allowed to guess on future ones too.

At the end of the year (aka FINAL PPV) whoever has the most points will win a GIFT! If there's a tie then both will receive a gift (or however many are involved in the tie!)

Please feel free to create forums to discuss anything WWE as well as make any suggestions on how to better the game
Christian37 - 40
Brandonh1 - 40
MichelleObama - 40
Antetokounmpo - 37
Smackdownisblue - 37
Jerard - 36
Gamerden13 - 36
Stuartlittle12 - 35
Opslove - 34
Latisha0987 - 31
1001games - 29
tboss - 29
Coolexchangestudent - 27
Rocketokid13 - 21
PrinceVans - 21
Mysterygame2 - 19
EliOrtiz123 - 10
Liandy410 - 4
Zorbo678 - 3

CHART: https://goo.gl/SdaTjo

Featured Players 18 playing

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