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765 days 6 hours ago
smuguy2012 and xShift congratulations are in order as you have both made it to the final 2!

The previous 9 evicted houseguests will each cast their vote on they feel should win Season 1 of Cornelia’s Big Brother. Before they each vote for a winner, you both have one final chance to explain to the jury as to why you should win the game.

Please post your jury speeches below. Following your speeches each juror can address you both and ask a question if they feel necessary. After 24 hours I will ask each of the jurors for their jury vote. If a juror fails to vote I will random.org their jury vote.

The houseguest with the most jury votes will win this season and earn a spot in Cornelia’s Big Brother hall of fame and the gift prize that comes along with the crown. Best of luck to you both.
765 days 3 hours ago
Well I didn't expect to be here since I was put up 5 times but I fought hard, which is something I didn't expect to do until people started making up that I had a f2 LOL I managed to win 3 HoH including the final two so I hope you decide to reward me with the win! GL shift
765 days 1 hour ago
so i wanna say no hard feelings to anyone, i just did what i had to do and what what best for me. i think i played a good game considering i came into this having very few relationships with others. I tried my best & i hope it's enough, good luck smuguy!
765 days ago
xShift we talked VERY little and honestly you floated a lot of the way here.

Smuguy, ilysm <3 i am so glad you are in the final 2, and so glad that you made my decision a hundred times easier. Love you.
765 days ago
Good luck to the both of you. I think my vote is obvious here
764 days 19 hours ago
just because we didn't talk doesn't mean i did nothing, that's just a lack of awareness on your part.
764 days 15 hours ago
Hey guys it was rlly fun to play with you both. My vote will be based solely on who I think played the better game, overall.
764 days 2 hours ago
Idk how anyone can say they did more than the other person when this games was lit just random polls lol. Voted for the one who didn’t evict me gg to you both.
763 days 10 hours ago
Billion was robbed

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