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Episode 3 ~ "Home Alone, On Ice"

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494 days 14 hours ago
| January 20th, 2019; 11:02 AM ~ Laenteglos, AK
        Taron enters Martha's tent with a crate of supplies, relieved that Martha's finally taken his idea upon consideration. After all of the chaos occurring with the cave incident and Darius' mysterious disappearance, Martha has kicked it into overdrive and starting planning out a trap for the monster. She hasn't said much about Darius, but Taron figures she's handling this one issue at a time.
        "Where should I set these down?" he asks.
        "Just somewhere over there."
        Taron walks over to the corner of the tent, setting the crate down. He turns to Martha, deciding to say something. "Do you have a plan for getting out of here? I know you have a lot on your mind, but..."
        She sighs. "I've started to think about some ideas, but... I don't know how far that plane will go with such little fuel. It's possible we could get out of here, but definitely not far enough to get to civilization."
        "Well... I'll try and brainstorm some things we can do."
        "Thank you for the help."

| January 20th, 2019; 1:34 PM ~ Laenteglos, AK

        Everyone stands around the main tent, arguing the possibilities of the chaos that has been ensuing. Some people believe the monster is the root of their troubles, while others are starting to think Darius could have told the truth.
        "We're dead already," Rosie says. "There's no way around some evil organization."
        "Uhh... I still feel alive," Danny comments.
        "She means we won't be getting out of this, you idiot." Claudia rolls her eyes.
        Courtland stands in silence amongst the group, listening to them all discuss. He finally walks up to the front of the room, clearing his throat. "Hm.. may I, uh, have everyone's attention? There's something I need to say."
        Everyone quiets down, taking a seat in curiousity.
        "There's something I haven't been fully honest about..." he shakes his head. Kristen gives him a thumbs-up, trying to support him.
        "The night that the monster attacked the tent, it was snowing down hard. I had just seen a victim of the monster, and I went to stop it from getting to anyone else. However, the snow was making it difficult to see, and I could only barely see the monster. I fired a round of shots at it, one of which was successful. The others... I think you already know the story. I can't stop this guilt pounding away at my head, and I didn't feel right not telling you all."
        Lake sits there in shock for a second, then stands up and leaves the room, not wanting to face Courtland.
        "That man shot me in the leg! Arrest him, somebody!" Fianna demands.
        "He's the police. Are we even allowed to arrest the police?" Forrest asks.
        "It's a citizen's arrest!" she states.
        "We're not arresting anyone." Martha enters the room. "This is not the time to be turning on each other. I've made mistakes, I know that. Courtland's made mistakes, we know that. But we can still get rid of this monster if we work together. Now, here's the plan..."


| January 20th, 2019; 6:52 PM ~ Laenteglos, AK

        "Shouldn't you be getting ready for trapping the monster?"
        Jeremy stands in the entryway of William's tent. William turns around from his notebook, looking at Jeremy.
        "The monster's not my biggest concern. I'm planning on doing some investigation of my own tomorrow during the Aurora Borealis lights. I think that Darius was telling the truth. You're welcome to join me. I doubt you have half the brains to be part of an evil organization."
        "Can Taron come? He's smart."
        "Yeah, sure, whatever," William says. "Just meet me in my tent tomorrow when the Aurora Borealis show begins."
        "Got it," Jeremy nods.


(Do not post until 7 PM EST)

NOW: It's time to catch the monster. Will you be able to stand up to it once and for all?
TOMORROW: The long awaited Aurora Borealis show, as well as William's investigation mission. We'll see what happens here.
494 days 10 hours ago
(I forgot to type out the plan in the openers, but Martha will do that once the RP starts tonight.)
494 days 10 hours ago
494 days 10 hours ago
Janet examines the tripwire perimeter that Darius set up near the camp. She takes a drag of her cigarette.
494 days 10 hours ago
*Lake is at Tristans grave looking at it* “It’s his fault... it’s his fault your dead..”
494 days 10 hours ago
*Grace is chilling*
494 days 10 hours ago
*Forrest is in the process of getting ready for another day full of crazy shit*
494 days 10 hours ago
Feather: *she's around doing Feather things*
494 days 10 hours ago
Janet tugs on the tripwire and a bunch of metal cans jangle.
“Old school.”
494 days 10 hours ago
Grace: Omg Feather hi bestie!
494 days 10 hours ago
Claudia's sitting around reading a book.
494 days 10 hours ago
William comes up behind Lake, kneeling down.

"Hey. You doing okay?"


Kristen is helping in the main tent, setting up things for Martha's plan. Meanwhile, Martha explains the plan again, since I forgot to previously...

"If the monster comes into camp, then it'll set off the tripwire, alerting us of its presence. We can lure it in somehow to the middle of the camp, and that's where the trap comes in.

We're going to make a makeshift pole in the middle of the camp, and then lay down a net underneath. Once we have this, we'll wire it so that whenever the monster steps on the net, we'll be able to pull and it'll get stuck. From there, we can kill it? Throw it in the water or something and let it freeze to death. I don't know."
494 days 10 hours ago
Feather: "Oh hey bestie!!"
494 days 10 hours ago
Fianna is around Forrest, filing her nails and softly caressing her leg as she continues rambling about Courtland.
"I don't care, Forrest. I still think Courtyard should be arrested."
494 days 10 hours ago
Grace: "Did you hear about the trap to capture the monster? Apparently Martha thinks her empty food canister alarm will save us all."
494 days 10 hours ago
She's listening to Martha talk, thinking the woman just likes to hear her own voice. She rolls her eyes, turning a page.

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