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Episode 2 ~ "Baby It's Cold Outside"

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516 days 17 hours ago
| January 18th, 2019; 11:54 AM ~ Somewhere in the United States

        Erik Pollock paces around the living room, staring at the radio sitting on the coffee table. Drew, Austin, and Ethan are sitting on the couch while Amelia is off in the kitchen making tea for them all.
        "Something must've happened to him," Erik states. "How else would've he let them get the radio?"
        "Maybe it was a slip-up," Drew comments. "He could've just lost the radio."
        "No... he's smarter than that. Maybe Bloodhound got to him already. God, we can't let them get another victory..." Erik's pacing speeds up until finally he bumps into Amelia, spilling tea all over her.
        Drew rolls her eyebrows as she watches Erik scramble to try and clean the tea off of Amelia. Amelia flicks him, trying to get him to stop and let her do it herself. She scolds him for his anxious behavior and the two of them walk out of the room in an argument. Drew looks down at the radio, sighing. It's only been a couple days since they sent their recruit to Laenteglos, but they've already lost contact with him.
        The radio jumps to life in a second. Drew glances over at Ethan and Austin, who both share similar shocked expressions. Drew slowly reaches for the radio, picking up the coms.
        "Who's there?" she asks.
        "I'm sorry about the whole situation yesterday. I didn't think they'd find my hiding place so soon," he tells her.
        "I told you to hide the stuff in your tent," she scolds him. "Just because you're older than me, doesn't mean you're smarter."
        "Look, I got back the radio. Though, I had to steal back the batteries... this girl took them from me for whatever reason. She's strange, she really is. But I don't think she's the one hired by Bloodhound... there are sketchier people here," he explains.
        "Update me on what's been happening," Drew says.
        "People have started dying already... We're at a total of three. This bullshit researcher didn't think to keep extra fuel, so we're stuck here."
        "Do you need us to come get you?" she asks.
        "Potentially, but I'll update you more. It's a weird situation, but I definitely think Bloodhound is behind it..." he comments. "I think they've created some kind of monster to get people off of their tracks. But I'm convinced that someone here is working for them."
        "Stay safe," Drew says.
        "I will."
        Darius hangs up the radio, anxiously looking around his tent as if he's being watched. He sees something outside of the flap, and he quickly speed walks outside to see what it was. He sees nothing, instantly getting a chill down his spine. He retreats back into his tent. In the next tent over, a figure emerges.
        "Darius... Darius... what are you up to?"
        Grace taps her finger on her chin, staring off around the camp in deep thought.
516 days 17 hours ago
| January 18th, 2019; 1:04 PM ~ Laenteglos, AK

        Martha has taken William out on a trail, having found the cave she saw in the plane this morning on her walk. The two of them stop, and she points to it.
        "It's open," she says. "It wasn't open a few days ago."
        "Martha, we really should be getting back to the others... we have no clue where the monster is, or if it's going to attack us," William comments.
        "How could this cave open up randomly?" she asks.
        "Maybe it's not the same cave..."
        "Or someone, or something, opened it."
        "In that case, we shouldn't mess with it... Who knows what could be inside?"
        "I do," a voice says from behind them. Janet emerges from the undergrowth, nodding to the cave. "Evil lurks inside there."
        "Okay, now I'm seriously disturbed. Let's go, Martha. Janet, you should be getting back too," William states.
        "William... your energy... it's almost opposite of the energy emitting from the cave," Janet exclaims.
        William freezes mid-walk, looking back at the cave. He stares at it for a few seconds, then turns back to Janet. "I have no idea what you're talking about."
        "The evil... is it the monster?" Martha asks, in complete belief of Janet's conclusions.
        "The evil lies in that cave," Janet repeats. "I can feel it.. but I can't see it."
        "What, do you need your crystal orb?" William asks.
        "Believe me if you want to. The choice is yours," Janet says.
        "We need to get more people and return back here," Martha says. "I just know there's something off about this cave. Maybe the monster's in there. We can kill it."
        "I don't think people are going to want to go into the monster's den..." William says, but Martha shoos him off.
        "Too bad," she says. "We need to get rid of that thing."

| January 18th, 2019; 2:41 PM ~ Laenteglos, AK
        Dark clouds form on the horizon, visible to the eyes of everyone at the campgrounds. Claudia, Danny, and Rosie sit around an outdoor fire, trying to keep themselves warm and entertained. They watch the clouds above nervously.
        "I don't like it," Claudia says. "Those clouds need to stay away."
        "Maybe they'll past by us," Rosie pauses. "But probably not, just based on our luck."
        "Martha wants to have another meeting tonight," Claudia says. "Hopefully it'll be warm in there."
        "I just hope she gives us some answers, and not more bs," Danny says. "This is her fault."
        "Hey! She can't help that we've been thrown into some sort of thriller movie," Rosie says.
        "But she can help finding us a way out of it... and she hasn't," Claudia says. "Fiji would be much less chaotic," she glances to Danny.
        "You can't prove that," Danny says.
        "I'm sure it's better than having to watch my back everywhere we go for some deranged animal..."

| January 18th, 2019; 4:05 PM ~ Laenteglos, AK

        Someone arrives at the very edge of the camp on horseback, riding towards the main tent. Everyone begins to walk out of their tents to see the commotion.
        "It's the monster!" Lila screams, pointing at it.
        "Someone's here to save us, thank god..." Lake says.
        The horseback stops in front of the main tent, unloading a crate onto the floor. Everyone begins crowding around, trying to figure out what's going on. Martha walks out with a big smile, glad to see that her delivery is here.
        "What's going on?" Courtland butts in. "Are we finally getting out of here?"
        "The village of Laenteglos, AK is providing us with weaponry," Martha explains. "This way, we can fend off the monster while we do our research."
        "And you're telling us we can't go stay in the village for further protection?" he asks.
        "We'll be fine. It takes a long time to get there by horse, let alone by foot," she tells him. "Staying here is the best bet."
        "Whatever," Courtland scoffs. "Not like our lives are at stake."
        "Oooooh," Lila pulls something out of the crate. "What's this?"
        "That's a knife, sweetie," Claudia points out, before giving a 'is she ok?' look to Danny.
        Bill comes bursting through the crowds, looking through the crate for some sort of protection. He whips out a crossbow, then stands back up. "This isn't the best you could've gotten, but I'll take it." Martha takes the crossbow and knife from them, putting the items back into the crate with a glare.
        "I will be handing out weaponry tonight. We're not going to have a mad grab for these things," she states, before turning into the main tent to go put them down somewhere. The horseback rider leaves the campgrounds, and everyone is left to do nothing but watch.


(Do not post until 6 PM EST)

NOW: You're free to keep exploring the campgrounds & talking amongst yourselves. Storm clouds are moving across the horizon.
TONIGHT: Group meeting in the main tent for those who have questions. Martha will answer as much as she can and you can lash at her for being stupid.
TOMORROW: Martha is venturing out to the cave, and has invited anyone along with her. She will provide flashlights & some form of protection. Follow at your own risk...
516 days 10 hours ago
(You may now begin posting)

Martha is huddled in the main tent, categorizing the weapons and taking count of how many they have.

William is standing outside, watching the clouds form on the horizon.
516 days 10 hours ago
*Targol is in the same area outside as William, trying to sketch what she thought saw saw attack them the other night*
516 days 10 hours ago
Claudia sighs as she looks out at the clouds. ^Definitely would've been better in Fiji.^
516 days 10 hours ago
*Lila goes to Martha*

Do you need help
516 days 10 hours ago
Martha looks up to Lila, "Sure thing! Just organize them by type, and I'll take count."


William glances over at Targol. "Can I see?"
516 days 10 hours ago
Darius laces up his boots outside of his tent. He watches the distant ominous clouds.


Janet is nailing a tarp over her tent, making sure it is double reinforced.
516 days 10 hours ago
*Lake rests in the main tent, he’s still shaken up about finding Richards body, he thinks about finding Tristan and talking to him but he isn’t sure if he should*
516 days 10 hours ago
*There are no pistols, Lila*
516 days 10 hours ago
*Targol adds a bit more shading before showing what she’s done so far to William. The creature seems to resemble a wolf but more beast-like* “I couldn’t really get a good look among the panic, but it’s definitely not a normal animal”
516 days 10 hours ago
"No, it's not..." William stares at it for a bit.
516 days 10 hours ago
Claudia glances over to Darius. "Darius, right? We haven't talked much about what happened in your group..."
516 days 10 hours ago
Fianna is aimlessly strutting around the campground, looking for her dog.
"That damn Shih Tzu... Fuck! FINLEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYY!!!"
Her scream echoes throughout the campground.
516 days 10 hours ago
*Jeremy is doing push-ups outside.*
516 days 10 hours ago
(It's all good Aja. Tengaged has gone funny for everyone.)

Darius picks himself up off the ground and puts a hand out to Claudia.
"That's me - and you are... Claudia? I think this whole situation speaks for itself."

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