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Whispers of Winter

SEASON 1: Sins of Summer
SEASON 2: Angels of Autumn
SEASON 3: 7 Ways to Start a Rebellion
SEASON 4: Whispers of Winter

January 2019
Laenteglos, AK

Bloodhound's operation is moving steadily, and the world has no idea whatsoever. The only setback was the escape of some of the rebels, but that's only a minor issue for an organization as big as bloodhound. As easily as the first four came, Bloodhound finished the next two signals with ease and continued to look for the last four. They found out where the seventh signal was located, but it came with a small problem: they couldn't pull off a murder spree in an isolated location.

That all changed when Martha Alloy came along. A prominent researcher, Martha wanted to explore Laenteglos in all its beauty -- especially to see the Northern Lights. After hearing rumors of a new species roaming the lands of Southern Alaska, Martha jumped at the opportunity to get funding for the research. However, she lacked volunteers to join her on the expedition. So, she put out an advertisement on her "twitter" account and people began to sign up for the expedition -- including one deadly killer.

Bloodhound has their eyes set to complete their seventh spree, but what they don't realize is that this time the battle won't be quite as easy.

Martha Alloy ~ Pokepat
William Roseli ~ Pokepat
Kristen Stillwater ~ Pokepat
Janet Ramsey ~ Yorgosll
Feather St. Pierre ~ turkeylover
Lake Graizer ~ coolKat
Claudia Viollet-le-Duc ~ Symmetry888
Taron Gray ~ Rain848
Grace Maddox ~ nateclove
Jeremy Cleaver ~ Finnick
Courtland Hassan ~ awesome2210
Rosalicia "Rosie" Grimes ~ Cyrus

Darius Monroe ~ Yorgosll

401 - Rebecca Sanders ~ Tommy123 (page 67)
401 - Ellie Moon ~ SeaViper (page 115)
401 - Richard Dickinson ~ Demgirl6 (page 130)
402 - Abigail Miller ~ happiwildflower64 (page 17)
402 - Bill Summers ~ Coolbrandonman (page 26)
402 - Tristan Haywire ~ Pokepat (page 29)
402 - Targol Ragland ~ Rennac (page 92)
403 - Lila Porter ~ Ajathekween (page 16)
403 - Max Redmond ~ CHAEL (page 16)
403 - Danny Viollet-le-Duc ~ bigdizzleyomama (page 34)
403 - Fianna St. Pierre ~ PennyTrationStan (page 36)
403 - Forrest St. Pierre ~ smallchild99 (page 36)
404 - Andrea O'Reilly ~ Tizian (page 43)

401: "The Monsters Come Out At Night" (4/15/20 -> 4/16/20)
402: "Baby, It's Cold Outside" (4/24/20 -> 4/25/20)
403: "Home Alone, On Ice" (5/16/20 -> 5/17/20)
404: "Expedition Everest"

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