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108 days 11 hours ago
The bloodbath will occur in this forum. Please review the rules of the bloodbath if you haven't already since the bloodbath in my group might work slightly differently than what you're used to. I will reveal the cornucopia items 1 minute before the start of the game. If you attempt to grab an item before I say the 1 minute is up, you will be killed.

The bloodbath is set to begin at 2 EST sharp, although I suggest being here around 5 minutes early.
108 days 10 hours ago
Ok due to some complaints, everyone post the times they can make the bloodbath. I will lean toward keeping the time the same if there is a split on whether to change the time due to me stating in the applications when the sessions are. However, if a noticeable majority votes to push it back a bit I will comply.
108 days 3 hours ago
Ok to make things simpler, I will postpone this by half an hour so it starts at 2:30 EST. The end time will not change to prevent others having possible schedule conflicts.

If the 2 female spots are not filled in by the bloodbath tomorrow, then I will create NPCs that will be "cannon fodder" (Quite literally). If they are attacked they would die with no resistance. Hopefully this won't be needed though.
107 days 11 hours ago
*waits in tube*
107 days 11 hours ago
Grinds on tube*
107 days 11 hours ago
*Olga stands bored*
107 days 11 hours ago
*waits in tube knowing i am probs gonna die*
107 days 11 hours ago
(Don't know what that means either)

*Fox stands in his tube*
107 days 11 hours ago
*meditates in tube*
107 days 11 hours ago
The tributes rise up toward the cornucopia and immediately shiver in response to the cold. A slight flurry of snow is in the air and the arena is covered in a thin layer of the pristine white crystals. There is an outline of a mountain range to the northwest through the snow and the start of a boreal forest to their southeast. The other directions are not visible from the cornucopia at the moment. The tributes then notice the rather bountiful cornucopia filled with supplies.

Spreadsheet of the cornucopia items (This will be updated in real time to the best of my ability):

1 Minute Items
500mL Canteen x6
Box of 5 Hand Warmers x3
Coil of Rope x3
Coil of Wire x2
Flashlight x4
Gas Mask x2
Granola Bar x6
Jar of Bait x2
Knife x4
Leather Bag (2 spaces) x6
Matchbox x2
Tarp x1
Wooden Bat x2

2 Minute Items
1L Canteen x2
Backpack (3 spaces) x4
Blowgun (6 Darts) x2
Can of Pepper Spray x1
Fishing Rod x2
Fur Coat x4
Leather Vest x2
Machete x2
MRE (Packaged Meal) x3
Small Bag of Rice x3
Small Box x2
Sewing Kit x2
Slingshot x2

3 Minute Items
Bow (7 arrows) x1
Bulletproof Kevlar Vest x1
Iron Shield x1
Military Pack (5 spaces) x2
Mysterious Container x2
Set of 4 Throwing Knives x2
Sickle x2
Small Crate x2
Spear x3
Spiked Mace x1
Sword x2
Tomahawk x2
Trident x2

The tributes prepare themselves for the carnage about to start at the end of the looming 60 second countdown, signified by a sinister knell of a gong.

107 days 11 hours ago
*waits nervously*
107 days 11 hours ago
*looks around*
107 days 11 hours ago
107 days 11 hours ago
*Gong rings*

107 days 11 hours ago
*grabs Spiked Mace*
107 days 11 hours ago
*grabs spear*

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