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103 days 12 hours ago
Hello, I am glad both the Rags and Richies are bonding well on the Merge Beach!

This week, we will have a design challenge.

Each of you will need to recreate/reimagine some of the more questionable looks that you gave in your initial seasons.

You can do another look that fit within the theme or use elements from the original look to create something brand new!

Here are the looks you will recreate
17: https://imgur.com/wInLLgb (Night of 1,000 Beyonce's)
Alexis Mioda: https://imgur.com/gbpT1dz (Beverly Hills Glam)
Aishah Ali: https://imgur.com/a/lpnzftw (Romanticism/Art Periods)
Aphrodite Starchild: https://imgur.com/wJDX8Yh (Death Do You Part)
Bloom Bastique: https://prnt.sc/jwuklf (Dance Outfits)
Blu Noki: https://imgur.com/a/pXBza (NFL Teams)
Cigarette DuBois: https://prnt.sc/lgrp4m (Pretty in Pink)
E.Z Mode https://imgur.com/a/PcHfBpA (Crazy Cuckoo C**T)
Mesothelioma: https://prnt.sc/lrro78 (Hell Look)
Phila McHunt: https://imgur.com/a/vfhZlLg (Look based on a song)
Sharon from HR: https://imgur.com/a/3R7rc57 (Disney Ball)
Zsa Zsa Tea: https://imgur.com/a/835ryUw (Ugliest Drag)

If you remastered looks fail... the LS is one that I felt was wasted and deserves a second shot to be used...

48 hours... good luck and DON'T FUCK IT UP
103 days 5 hours ago
Original: https://imgur.com/wJDX8Yh


CF:I feel like the main problem with my death becomes her last season was that I wasn't willing to go out of my comfort zone and I was too in my head of what I thought Omen would like or wouldn't like so this time I'm just saying fuck it and I'm going for it! I tried to complete the Leviathan puzzle box and I Failed miserably and got half my face ripped off. plus I got Pins hammered into my head in the process and with that the puzzle box not only killed me,but trapped my soul in hell to be Pinhead's mistress for eternity!

inspiration for my death: (Skip to 1:06)
103 days 3 hours ago
102 days 2 hours ago
Original:  https://imgur.com/a/PcHfBpA
Redemption: https://imgur.com/a/ohfJgTs

CF: ...That look is the greatest thing to walk down the runway of this show. I'm like van Gogh. My genius is recognized in my own time!

Anyway, I'm bringing you the Goddess of Death, in the form of a raven woman. While her mask is frightening on its own, the true, horrific face of death hides behind it.

My original 3C look was OFFENSIVELY colorful. I decided to go as far away from that as possible, while still maintaining an avian aesthetic.
101 days 19 hours ago
101 days 17 hours ago
I stuck to my black and gold theme to represent the song
but i went for a less campy and more refined look this time

101 days 15 hours ago
Runway: https://imgur.com/a/6BweMYi

I’m loving my ugliest drag look this week! I think it’s 1000% better than the first time and I feel sickening.... and not in the good way.
*throws up*
101 days 13 hours ago
Alexis Mioda

Original Look: https://imgur.com/gbpT1dz
Redemption Look: https://ibb.co/Hz5xQq9

In my original look I was stuck because I really had no real idea of how to do an outfit that could be seen at Beverly Hills, let alone what someone like a housewife would wear, so I just did what I usually did and based it on Japanese culture which didn't fit the theme.

But now, I think I've hit the Beverly Hills socialite aesthetic right on the head! I've ditched the pink colours and chosen to go with a clean and uniform white colour and chose a more platinum blonde hair and a longer style!
101 days 12 hours ago
Giving gymnastic rhythmic ribbon dance re-do realness.


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