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68 days ago
Hello, my final 13! This week, we are having our second ever 24 HOUR CHALLENGE!

I have some bad news, the bus driver fell asleep and now we are in Mexico! For this week's challenge, in order to get across the border and back into the U.S, each of you will need to create your very best Mexican/Latino inspired looks! I want something that SCREAMS the Latino culture!

If your outfit doesn't make the cut you will lip-sync to...

We don’t have much time since the border is so chaotic! Remember ONLY 24 HOURS! Good Luck and be skinny legends!
67 days 21 hours ago
Bottom Kandy

CF : You know what? I think everyone will go for a "Dia de los Muertos" kinda look so, instead, I'm doing something completely different, but still iconic.

Complete Look : https://i.imgur.com/PvMqDBH.png
Close Up : https://i.imgur.com/2xriHHy.png

Runway Voiceover : I'm bringing you Carmen Miranda/Brazilian Bombshell realness. Don't even think of coming for me, or you'll be forced to Sambay Away!
67 days 21 hours ago


CF: I call her... Taco Belle! Get into it. This is a complete different look for me, I’m being campy and I love it. No one in this cast is campy so I want to stand out.
67 days 21 hours ago
*calls splozojames50* he's a REAL mexican what the fuck omen why isnt he a guest judge
67 days 20 hours ago

CF: Tonight, I'm giving you some Dia de Muertos realness! I'm dressed as La Calavera Catrina, the icon of the Day of the Dead. I'm a dapper skeleton, and you can't bring me down!
67 days 19 hours ago
Piah LaTrelle


CF: Lawnmowing in the US is a stereotype because Mexicans have dominated the industry for many years. The length of the dress represents the employment rates going away if Trump puts the wall up and the glove represents wealth and success in white people. I really hope Omen is loving the gown I made from scratch as much as I did.
67 days 17 hours ago
CF: Okay so I love Dia de Los Muertos, and that was my first idea, then I thought maybe other Queens may have the same concept which is absolutely fine but I wanted to do something different whilst bringing culture in. So, this runway is inspired by 1850s first EVER cultures in Mexico, the Aztecs.
My name is Henny Praisegod and welcome to a new episode of ´Educating the children´.

67 days 4 hours ago
Deliah Deville


CF: For my look I've decided to honour the Mexican tradition of Lucha Libre by turning myself into a wrestling persona! Obviously since my name is Deville I've tried to include a lot of devilish symbols and imagery wherever I could. While I do wish I did a little bit more with this outfit, I think it gets my point across.
67 days 2 hours ago
*Erykah turns dramatically, flinging Guacamole off her hat and onto the stage*


*Erykah slowly struts, knowing the judges are ogling at her look*

*CF* - I’m giving you classic Latina - I’ve got my Carmen Miranda mug, my chips, my guac, and my avocado.  I made everything I’m wearing, right down to the earrings. I was very inspired by vintage Christian Dior silhouettes this week.  Crown me.

*breaks off a chip and eats it as I leave the stage*
67 days 2 hours ago

Cf : serving you drug cartel employee who is in her nightlife outfit very ghetto and shut and homemade cause she is poor as shit with her weed necklace and her bloody nose from snorting too much cocaine and also her ban Trump and immigration sign because mainly she wants to immigrate yo America to start her own drug business okurr
67 days 2 hours ago
CF: ... my jaw is on the floor bitch. Erykah looks STUNNING.
67 days 2 hours ago
Sharol Dasho

I wanted to make sure I served my best quincenera queen look x
67 days 2 hours ago

CF:I am giving you Dia De Los Muertos La Rosa realness with A Salsa Flair and a nod to Mexican Painter Frida Kahlo with my hair.

I dedicate this entire Episode to Selena and everything she has done for Latin Culture. You're legacy will live on Forever.
67 days 1 hour ago
CF: Selena is dead
67 days 1 hour ago

Representing one of my favorite events.

Mexican Carnivale baby
67 days 1 hour ago
I'm giving you authentic classical Mexican style Frida Kahlo embodiment


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