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Ninjohn's Next Top Model 7!

Fierce Beauty.

Fabulous Strut.

Fresh Personality.

Welcome to the main stage of Ninjohn's Next Top Model! For six cycles, the search for the ultimate model has never been more intense! And now, for the second time, the competition has returned to the Tengaged stage! Any model can walk in, but only ONE can come away with the crown!!!

Wanna be on top?

Cycle Theme:

NNTM Chart:

Cycle 7 Cast:
Corinna Hendrickx (BlingBae)
Crystal Robins (Rubes)
Ember Moon (JayBirdNifty)
Judith Judassy (DrG2)
Stanley Meeks (UnicornChicken)
6th: Tina Hamasaki (KGamer2218)
7th: Melodie Quinn (RainbowKing)
8th: Crystal Silvian (NicoleF)
9th: Sarah Portello (rodrigueseve)
10th: Diana Black(non-tg)
11th: Tanisha Evison (TanishaThomas)
12th: Lapis Bondal (IceMakeRampart)
13th: Clementine Blaze (Cookie_13)
14th: Michael Yerger (Latisha0987)
15th: Kylie Smith (MarcoGR45)
16th: Meghan Queen-Morgans (JennaValentina)
17th: Eilsze Fehlmann(non-tg)
18th: Jen E. Craig (JoelW55)
19th: Charley Stevenson (MelindaMrsKK)
19th: Marnie Simpson (2388)

5 Models Remain!

Cycle History:

~Cycle Two Grand Champion: Israel(MaicolX3)~
Runner Up: Adam(panicatthedisco)
Third Place: Drake(Spinfur)
Season Theme: "Alive" by Sia

~Cycle Three Grand Champion: Darrius(DarriusDaBest)~
Runner Up: Callum(melindaMrskk)
Third Place: Israel(RobertGuajardo)
Season Theme: "Finally" by CeCe Peniston

~Cycle Four Grand Champion: Adam(panicatthedisco)~
Runner Up: Caleb(TotalDramaLover1234)
Third Place: Analiese(Analiese)/Kathrine(kgunzrok)
Season Theme: "Queen of the Night" by Whitney Houston

~Cycle Five Grand Champion: Nisha(Queenisha)~
Runner Up: Harris(EverythingIsBlueee)
Third Place: Autumn(Non-TG)
Season Theme: "Glowing" by Nikki Williams

~Cycle Six Grand Champion: Eric Haarer(RightToCensor)~
Runner Up: Sarah Portello(rodrigueseve)
Third Place: Quin Karsyn(Matedog1209)
Season Theme: "#1" by Dev

~Cycle Seven Grand Champion: ???
Runner Up: ???
Third Place: ???
Season Theme: "Don't Wanna Go Home" by Jason Derulo

Nin(ninjohn), Canada's Favourite Houseguest
Adam Aladisco(mraddamman12), Two Time Finalist and Grand Champion of Cycle 4
Eric Haarer(RightToCensor), Current Reigning Grand Champion

Featured Players 11 playing

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