Survivor 1: Jamaica

Welcome to the beautiful and tropical island Jamaica! This is where our very first survivor season will take place. There will be 20 castaways and many twists throughout the game. You will compete for food power and safety. There will also be hidden immunity idols(more info later)

The live immunity comps will be around 8:30pm eastern time and non live comps will last from the time it starts plus 24 hours.

The Merged Xian Tribe
- X/FireX
- Lena-Rose/LenaRose
- Eli/bacon69

Redemption island:
- Burger/Burgerman2929292
- Jay/Silver09
- Quinn/NeonGrape1

Public Idol Clues (you may win a private one for yourself in a reward challenge or something):
1) There are 2 Idols
2) One at camp one at Redemption Island
3) The one at camp is a country in the world
4) The one at Redemption Island is a number 1-1000
5) (Idol at camp) The county is in Asia
6) (Idol at Redemption) It is an even number
7) (Idol at camp) ..... IT HAS BEEN FOUND!
8) (Idol at Redemption) The number is less then 500
You can guess once per hour

You can’t get the redemption idol if you are at camp and you can’t get the camp idol if you are on Redemption

1 more thing you might want to be careful Jamaica is “slightly” dangerous.

“Hanging out of plane”

39 days, 20 people, 1 survivor!

21st RekhaCalaMaria (Lost Redemption Island Challenge)
20th fuckshroom (Lost Redemption Island Challenge)
19th bananahdgx101 (Lost Redemption Island Challenge)
18th Matt01E (Medically Evacuated)
17th TwoStep (Quit)
16th LiukBB (Lost Redemption Island Challenge)
15th Max1130 (Inact for 9+ days)
14th dan12233445566 (Lost Redemption Island Challenge)
13th PoohSnap (Lost Redemption Island Challenge)
12th Pizza4256 (Lost Redemption Island Challenge)
11th rapidsmartypants (Lost Redemption Island Challenge)
10th jjvawesomeness0511 (Lost Redemption Island Challenge)
9th Clarkkent6969 (Lost Redemption Island Challenge)
8th MrRobzilla (Lost Redemption Island Challenge)
7th mj1001 (QUIT)
(Final 3)
Sole Survivor:

(Placements might change)

Color Coding:
Orange- Merged Xian Tribe
Black- On Redemption Island
Good luck everyone!

Featured Players 11 playing

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Survivor 1: Jamaica

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