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47 days 8 hours ago

Welcome to the seventh edition of Music Olympics! An aspiring hash tag above will be our slogan for the season.

Cyprus is ready to host the edition where it will be held in the historical city of Paphos. Paphos is included in the official UNESCO list of cultural and natural treasures of the world's heritage for its spectacular ancient remains, and was selected as a European Capital of Culture for 2017. A great destination for our seventh season.

The contest will be held at Stelios Kyriakides Stadium in Paphos. Official logo will be revealed soon.

Everyone can now send their songs to me so I can check for approval. To those who I approved that allowed to compete you can now post your entries and results  (if have) of your national finals/pre selection here in this thread. To those who din't yet PM their songs you have until March 21, 9am EST.

Rules are still applied just like last season, no changes or added rule was implemented:

- Each player will got to choose two country they represent every season or not.

- The song has to be either sung by someone from that country, made by someone from that country, or have a parents living / roots on that country.

- Music from previous installment are not allowed to play again. Cover songs and live performance video can not participate in the competition. Please see this link:

-  A band, group or a collaboration can represent the country if at least one of members is from the selected country.

- An artist can't enter the same edition twice.

- Your entry should be an official music video, lyric video, or an audio video with less than 100 million views in YouTube.

- Borrowing country is introduced which smaller countries can borrow songs from their bigger neighbours. Please see this link:

- There are three common ways to select a participant for the Music Olympics: (1) An Internal Selection which artist and song are being selected internally by HoD. (2) A National Selection which the public can take part in the selection of the country's representative. (3) Through a mixed format. Often, an artist is appointed by the HoD, while the public can help choose their song.

If you want to do a preselection (which is like a little contest to choose the representative of your country with a public poll, a jury, mixed combination) you must explain the name of the preselection, score system, applications.

If you have any question(s), just email me and I'm gladly to answer it.

Again, deadline of song submission is March 21, 9am EST. Thank you!
47 days 8 hours ago
Shuta Sueyoshi will represent Japan in upcoming Music Olympics VII. He'll be performing "Run Away". Wish him luck! #Ganbatte

46 days 21 hours ago
Ida Lafontaine has been chosen to represent Sweden With her song sweden

Cyprus will be decided on 12 march 6pm GMT
46 days 19 hours ago
Iceland will be performing It's oh so quiet this year at Eurovision:

And Azerbaijan is debuting with I x My heart
46 days 18 hours ago
San Marino is picking Mudimbi in order to try to make the finals again

46 days 17 hours ago
Norway will try to win with "Bad Girl" by Christiane

and Max Giesinger will represent Germany with "80 Millionen"

46 days 14 hours ago
Ella Henderson will be representing England in Music Olympics VII!

X Ambassadors will be representing USA in Music Olympics VII!
46 days 12 hours ago
Czech republic will be singing Mamma Don't Lie

Bulgaria will sing there song
46 days 11 hours ago
Saara Aalto is singing for Finland and willl not be scared any more with their song Monsters

And La Forza is the song for Estonia this year
46 days 9 hours ago
Lorde will be singing Liability for New Zealand

Lee Hi will be representing South Korea with "Breathe"

I used both lyric videos because 1. Liability doesnt have an MV and 2. For Breathe you can understand the meaningful lyrics
46 days 6 hours ago
46 days 6 hours ago
45 days 18 hours ago
Representing Spain is Shakira with "Dare (La La La)"

And representing Portugal is Soraia Ramos with "Agora Penso Por Mim"

44 days 14 hours ago

44 days 12 hours ago
I thought shakira is from Columbia not Spain
44 days 8 hours ago
her mother had a Spanish blood and Shakira currently resides in Barcelona.

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