DanganRonpa 8 "The End"

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DanganRonpa Tiny Town has seen 7 games, officially forced through by President Mackenzie Adams. She was presumed dead after an explosion, and the strange sickness started spreading around America. With the nation in a state of wide spread panic, the survivors of the past killing games are forced to work together to battle this spreading sickness and finally answer their biggest questions.


Quinn, 21 Y/O, Ultimate Doctor [WestTemp]
Chris, 19 Y/O, Ultimate Con-Artist [WestTemp]
Eastan, 20 Y/O, Ultimate Wrestler [WestTemp]
Ash, 20 Y/O, Ultimate Model [WestTemp]
Leif 20 Y/O, Ultimate Monk [Ruefan11]
Nate, 20 Y/O, Ultimate Dare Devil [Maggiewong]

Amanda, 20 Y/O, Ultimate Politician [Logie56]
Kaleb, 19 Y/O, Ultimate Animal Rights Activist [Bigdizzleyomama]
Emile, 18 Y/O, Ultimate Bee Keeper [Symmetry]
Tabitha, 19 Y/O, Ultimate Faliure [Demgirl]
Abdul, 20 Y/O, Ultimate Sultan [UnicornGodess]
Derrick, 19 Y/O, Ultimate Intuition [WestTemp]
Boom, 19 Y/O, Ultimate Demolition Expert [WestTemp]
Teddy, 18 Y/O, Ultimate Cuddler [WestTemp]

Yasmin, 18 Y/O, Ultimate Blogger [WestTemp]
Richie 20 Y/O, Ultimate Fast Food Employee [WestTemp]
Nicole/Nico, 17 Y/O, Ultimate Orthinologist [Kgunzrok]

Kunai, 19 Y/O, Ultimate Assassin [RocketoKid]
Maddison, 18 Y/O, Ultimate Princess [RyanAndrews]
Hank, 18 Y/O, Ultimate Heir to the Throne [Bigdizzleyomama]
Enrique, 18 Y/O, Ultimate Beauty Vlogger [Sirniceguy]
Boo/Alex, 17 Y/O, Ultimate Halloween Spirit [WestTemp]
Brittney, 19 Y/O, Ultimate Downer [WestTemp]

Kaoru, 16 Y/O, Ultimate Criminal Pyscologist [Symmetry]
Malcolm, 20 Y/O Ultimate Mass Murderer [Bigdizzleyomama]
Lacey, 19 Y/O, Ultimate Caretaker [WestTemp]
Dream, 17 Y/O, Ultimate Pill Popper [WestTemp]
Benny, 19 Y/O, Ultimate Firefighter [WestTemp]

Scary, ?? Y/O, Ultimate ??? [WestTemp]
Damien, 8 Y/O, Junior Ultimate Lifeguard [WestTemp]
Vinny, 10 Y/O, Junior Ultimate Chemist [Novamax]
Half, ?? Y/O, Ultimate Billiard Player [Kgunzrok]

Makenzie Adams, 26 Y/O, Former Ultimate Politician [WestTemp]
Rebecca Adams, 30 Y/O, Former Ultimate Manipulator [WestTemp]

~New Cast~

馃拃鈽狅笍馃拃 Episode List 馃拃鈽狅笍馃拃
Episode 1 "New York City"
Episode 2 "On The Road"
Episode 3 "Fight For Myself"
Episode 4 "What We Hold Most Dearly"
Episode 5 "Overseas"
Episode 6 "Execution Long Over Due"
Episode 7 "The End?" [epilogue]

Featured Players 11 playing

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