American Horror Story "Clan"

American Horror Story Academy [X]
American Horror Story Clan [Current]

WillShire Virginia 2018

Vampires have always been a myth and a scary thought when you consider Halloween and horror movies. But the small town of WillShire is about to be rocked to it's very core when a secret vampire clan is threatened.


Mama Shirley
Kendall McFarland
Madam Claudia
Amelie Von Epping [RyanAndrews]

Tommy McFarland
Naomi Threshold
Peter Vannderson [Bigdizzleyomama]
Sonya Blake [Dvs]
Philip Celant [Pokepat]
Cole Palmerton [Logie56]
Stormer Summers [Ajathekween]
Dawn Grant [DJ2722]

Detective Arnold Fitzgerald
Detective Mark Jenkins
Detective Maddy Junior "MJ"
Detective Valerie Sawyer [coolkat]
Detective Stephanie Tolman [Kgunzrok]
Detective Diana Carlson [Mitsuki]
Detective Ralph Montgomery [IceBear]
Bebe Fitzgerald

Episode 1 "Feeling FangTastic"
Episode 2 "Bloody Dinner Party"
Episode 3 "Break in the Case"
Episode 4 "Crisis"
Episode 5 "The Last Vampire"

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American Horror Story "Clan"

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