Macda’s Drag Race Season 2

Season 2 of Macda27's Drag Race will find 14 fierce drag queens to compete for Tengaged's Next Drag Superstar. Which of these ladies has the Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent to rise to the top and SNATCH the crown? Find out, and may the best woman, win!


Mother Macda (Macda27) [Season 1-2]
Nicky (Nijoco) [Season 2]
Andrew (CoolKat) [Season 2]

Guest Judges:

Aiden (Gamerden13) [Season 2 - 2 Times]
Amani Milk Katherine Versace (Haliem24) [Season 2 - 1 Time]


Virginia Slims (Rubes)
Tia Mia (UnicornChicken)

3rd: Alotta Nerve (PennyTrationStan)
4th: Xania (Ajathekween)
5th: Ravena Clawde (RavenWhiteFeather)
6th: Jenna Side (Jake1123)
8th/7th: Mrs Sazzy Qweer (Patricenka9)
8th/7th: Sharon from HR (Dylangover1)
9th: Rosaria Rose (Channele123oberlin)
*Sharon from HR returned*
10th: Lip Balmania (SharonMaItems)
11th: Destiny Pillows (Jussy007)
13th/12th: The Light (TheLightIsComing)
13th/12th: Ikerina La Divina (FoxyWinters)
15th/14th: Sheila Shala Showa (AintItFun)
15th/14th: Shania Queen (Iconique)
*Rosaria Rose returned*


Featured Players 13 playing

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The Winner Is.....
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Runway Fourteen
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177 days ago
Season 2 Episode 14: The Sunset Ball!
4 postsCreated by Macda27 on 184 days 21 hours ago
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181 days 6 hours ago
Runway Thirteen
16 postsCreated by Macda27 on 187 days 5 hours ago
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185 days 3 hours ago
Season 2 Episode 13: Diva Blitz!
13 postsCreated by Macda27 on 189 days 22 hours ago
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187 days 22 hours ago

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