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65 days 22 hours ago
For today's challenge you will have to impersonate a celebrity.

The runway will be tropical themed.

We will be going to tribal council and the girl with the most votes will be in the bottom.

You have 48 hours.

the lipsync is...
65 days 16 hours ago

my tropical look with a lot of butterflys
and pinky hot weather

my lindsay lohan snatch game
65 days 15 hours ago
CF: We're a messy bunch of hoes in everyday life, what the hell are we going to be like after 39 days on a desert island?!
65 days 13 hours ago
Lizzie Borden Took An Axe
Gave The Chicken 40 Whacks.
When They Seen What She Had Done.
She Gave Her Tribe Mates 41.

65 days 10 hours ago
Leona Helmsley: https://imgur.com/a/XfWWuWJ

I came back from the dead just so I could vote you out, you cheap whore!
65 days 9 hours ago
I am Kim kardashian
64 days 13 hours ago
Basically, what we're gonna do is DANCE

64 days 4 hours ago
I'm H20lga. I won individual immunity, the reward challenge that gives us fishing gear (and my diving goggles), and i found the hidden idol. you CANT vote me out

64 days 3 hours ago

CF: Okurrrr eowwwww yeah okurrrr? okurrrr! Make money moves eowwwwww bloody shoes okurrrrr eowwwww. Yessss i´m going to the beach like that because i´m what ? SICKENING !! why do i have some sand in my puss ? eowwwwwwwwwwww why do i kinda like it ? okurrrrrrrr eowwwwww

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