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68 days 23 hours ago
I wasn't able to make my own lip sync so I guess this piece of trash will have to do!

68 days 23 hours ago
serving you REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MADRID realness. i got my cute lil cleaning outfit on and im ready to use all my Brave Little Toaster appliances to clean up the home and cook and shit

i also have a flat screen tv headpiece that streams Brave Little Toaster 24/7! yas GAWD!
68 days 22 hours ago
= Ordealia Runway =
Today on the runway I have created a look inspired by the great candelabra himself, Lumiere!
68 days 18 hours ago

My image is depicting what WASNT show in Pocahontas. Unfortunately after the events of the movie our heroine contracted smallpox and had to suffer through diarrhea vomiting and bumps on her skin all while laying on her British infected blanket.

lip sync
68 days 15 hours ago

My look is inspired by Ratcliffe, the villain of Pocahontas, in this rendition she has successfully colonized the colon (as shown in her dramatic boa)

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