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74 days 7 hours ago
Hello top ten! Today we will be doing a cancer AWARENESS challenge.

For the runway I want you to SHAVE YOUR HEAD and wear some cancer ribbons! *camera closes in on Shy Girl*


Here are some examples!

Tonight we have a guest judge, she hsd a non cancerous tumor in her leg, it's Season 9 contestant Yves Saint-I'm-Farting!

you have 48 hours

and hopefully the btm 2 song is...
73 days ago
cancer https://imgur.com/a/RD9Ny

Mandy & Maria Siamese cancers twins realness
73 days ago

Miss Tension is suffering from breast cancer and is showing her support, the bows around her breasts were hand made and she is also sporting lung cancer awarness on her top paws too because her best friend Bessie the Cow has just been diagnosed. You probably noticed that I put a lung cancer ribbon around her neck and that was to truly shed light on how difficult it is to breathe when you get lung cancer. I included the big ribboned bows because Miss Tension was in a coma during the holidays and she really wanted to dress up and show her spirit for Christmas
72 days 22 hours ago
tara toma's impact
72 days 20 hours ago

CF: For this runway I'm trying to be as real as I possibly can with this breast cancer themed looked, I'm doing it as an homage to my aunt with the style! Obviously as you can see I'm wearing the pink ribbon around my breasts pretty much acting like a bra!
72 days 15 hours ago

CF: Decided to go out of my comfort zone of basic dresses and served an outfit. This is a tribute to a close friend of mine named Heather who survived cancer in her neck at a young age, love her so much. This look is quite similar to Heather's style, except not as much red but went with Red/Burgandy and White/Ivory as the ribbon colours. Yes I did use Paint.net to add the ribbon onto the jacket I felt like it was needed even though I'm not a photoshop artist whatsoever.
72 days 15 hours ago
Woohoo it's 1:21am and I can get 4 1/2 hours of sleep till work night and Goodluck :)
72 days 8 hours ago

shy girl arrives at her charity event in this custom made gown and matching clutch made by Ribsor on skype.
her makeup is purple in theme with the ribbon :3
and her dress's design reminds u how to check for testicular cancer if u ever seem to catch it..
72 days 7 hours ago
72 days 7 hours ago
Sandy McLovin took a personal approach to this challenge to her lost sister Candy McLovin who died of childhood cancer >o<. The first tumor was spotted on Candys right arm and thats why Sandy got the cancer ribbon tattooed there :D. The wings represent Candy's ascent into Heaven and being Sandys guardian angel in this competition
72 days 7 hours ago
Gimme an hour
72 days 6 hours ago
Wearing a lung cancer dress!


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