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76 days 2 hours ago
76 days 1 hour ago
This is my lip sync it's the best u gonna get from me cause I do not own a laptop

75 days 19 hours ago
Here's the Tea on Group B for those who don't know what happened, I'll try keep it short and sweet but I'll share my side of the story.

When the group was first made, me and Maria were working well together and I was nice and decided to let Maria be the leader because I have a heart, but at the same time I wanted to show Tayvie that I am trying to contribute to the group. The two of us agreed on a "Grey with a splash of colour" and I had a killer Greek Goddess look which was grey with a hint of gold. Then there was the switch and Maria was removed and Libertie was in our group.

I have a life so I had to do stuff irl and later on I come onto the chat and Kuntress just randomly approves herself as the leader and pretty much said she just wants to be the winner out of us so that seemed a lil' shady and selfish to me (but this is a competition so I get where's she's coming from) and I missed Maria a lot ngl love her to pieces.

Then it was decided mainly by Kuntress that we would do a sexy swimsuit or slutty look and Kuntress would photoshop the looks to make them overweight and our shop would be to promote weight loss pills and some darker things about that. It was funny and risky but overall I liked it. The problem for me is that I have friends and because I live in New Zealand which was 18 hours ahead of America, I was away the second day so I couldn't post to Kuntress which I will personally take blame of. I did end up sending a look in but it was too late, the look was v basic but I was very rushed and knew I'd lip-sync because of it, but my model was literally a mannequin which I liked about my look imo.

I love all queens to pieces, including Kuntress ofc but I just wanted to share why we were let down. The NY party was why I wanted to have the theme, looks and blog which I was supposed to do be done in the first 24 hours so I wouldn't be stressed while partying. In the morning I almost had a mental breakdown with a Tengager on snapchat because I felt like I personally let the team down, but the cooperation wasn't there either, and I feel like that had a part to play.

Girls if you vote me that's okay, some may be bitter I was saved and I understand. The switch was a big reason I fucked up for the group. Would love to stay but that's not my decision, if this is the end just wanna say ily queens and ily Tayvie, y'all may be bitches but that doesn't mean I can't try to share some love around.


(I don't send lip-syncs of myself mainly because I hate the way I look, fuels my depression and I feel like people on tg would bully me if I were to post one, so I'll find one on the internet and post that. This is really fucking long I'm so sorry fam)
75 days 18 hours ago
Mandy and Maria proudly saved Miracle
75 days 9 hours ago
This lady snatched my wig and made me tear up because she's iconic

Miracle's Lip-Sync (and yes she is dancing AND lip-syncing)
75 days 1 hour ago
*lights dim*

I'm woke, dont fuck it up.

Aquarian: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1S1pO-Loujtgml8oLCEMLg1DDdXyBcXeV/view?usp=drivesdk

Katherine: .be

Libertie: .be

75 days 1 hour ago
*scores flicker*

Aquarian: 0+1.2+2=3.2

Katherine: 2+5+1=8

Libertie: 0+0+1=1

Miracle 0+2.5+2=4.5

Katherine Klaudia, Miracle Monroe, shantay you two STAY.

AquarianBluu, Libertie Rights, sashay away!
75 days ago
Fuck this shit
75 days ago
On 1/1/2018, at 11:27 PM, Libertie aka that bitch that stole all your money wrote:
> plz eliminate me without me quitting

fuck off goodbye
74 days 19 hours ago
I was saved. YASS BITCH

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