Tayvie's Drag Race Double Dash

Start your engines and grab your best biddie. Do you have the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent to win? WHO WILL BE TAYVIE'S NEXT DRAG SUPERSTAR?

(charts): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19_FQFHLSgKd9rJr_q1xNCozRM1N8AcrUPiw18KubscA/pubhtml

Tafanee Coxs {TR1364}
Queen Wapeach {Neleh}
Nisha Whetbak {Queenisha}

4th: The Honorable Judge {Mahogany}
5th: Erykah BabaDük  {Analiese}
6th: Big Tiddy Bizzy {Bigdizzleyomama}
7th: Molly Poppins  {TheOmen}
8th: Peggie Jane {Zuelke}
9th: RionNoir {AquaStorme3}
10th: Goth Girl Lana {Isandeh}
11th: Baby Chanei!!! {KingGeek}
12th: Chuu Chile {AlexaVonTrayne}
13th: Marii Moana {Weetmaster}
14th: Patriarca VonVixen {Rodrigueseve}
15th: Jenny Gamez {Rollingderp}
16th: Phil Amazing Race {Ribbons}
17th: Marshy Mal Ow {Glen5544}
18th: Crystal Clear {Spinfur}
19th: Hallo it’s me Ebony {Diamondra}
20th: Squeeze Lemon {dawnpeacly}
21st: Heather Decksheimer {HeatherChandler}
22nd: Veronica De La Vega {KingLiam}
23rd: Ruth Revere {TheNoon}
24th: Barb with No Teeth {MaryBethDaisy}

Featured Players 14 playing

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Tayvie's Drag Race Double Dash

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