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Tayvie's Drag Race 28 Polls


  1. TDR27 Dragovision Duel F1585 days 13 hours ago
  2. TDR27 Dragovision Duel E1585 days 14 hours ago
  3. TDR27 Dragovision Duel D1585 days 15 hours ago
  4. TDR27 Dragovision Duel C1585 days 16 hours ago
  5. TDR27 Dragovision Duel B1585 days 16 hours ago
  6. TDR27 Dragovision Duel A1585 days 17 hours ago
  7. Which Queen has the best merch?1822 days 23 hours ago
  8. Who Should Be Elected?2248 days 19 hours ago
  9. TDR21 Dragovision Group D2261 days 19 hours ago
  10. TDR21 Dragovision Group C2261 days 19 hours ago
  11. TDR21 Dragovision Group B2261 days 19 hours ago
  12. TDR21 Dragovision Group A2261 days 19 hours ago

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Tayvie's Drag Race 28

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