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240 days 22 hours ago
hey everyone it's time to see if you can work in the REAL WORLD.

The four hiring companies are

Two time winner and former first lady, Michelle Obama! She's looking for "I want to see a girl that doesn't take herself so seriously. I look for punctuality and preparedness. I don't care if my office is located on the 6th floor in the middle of the labyrinth, you need navigational skills!"

Next is Clara Janine Quinn, noted fashion photographer she's looking for "I'm looking for 9/11"

Thirdly, Sydney Aloportsam is looking for something probably funny? Idk she's was too busy being anorexic to respond to my pm.

and finally Taylor Ann (TheNoon) my sister and personal stylist as well as a real girl, ooo. She is looking for "something fashionable or glamorous and would die for something K Pop related.)

Now for this challenge you can only choose to visit THREE of the four go sees. You will bring two past looks from this season (entrance to episode 6) in your portfolio book

You will also be making a look to go in to the go see (try and please them)

The go sees will then book or not book the girls.

You will have 48 hours for this challenge!

The lipsync song is...
240 days 17 hours ago

Im going to go see Michelle Obama, Sydney Aloportsam, and Taylor Ann
240 days 13 hours ago
Go see look!

My entrance look!

My animal crossing look!

I’ll be visiting Clara Janine Quinn, Taylor Ann, and Michelle Obama!
240 days 3 hours ago
239 days 22 hours ago
visiting Sydney, Michelle Obama and Taylor Ann

go see look

week 1:

week 4:
239 days ago
The only thing better than going out with a bang is coming in with a bang. Hoping to make an impression and really sell the Sunshine Kitty brand.


Portfolio lewks:

Week 3: https://prnt.sc/pqupn2 (kinda shy and cute and quirky doe)

Week 6: https://prnt.sc/puomn3 (very high class and elegant and fashionable doe)

Me go-see Michelle Obama, CJQ, and Miss Aloportsam.
239 days ago

hai im corporate slave ethan zohn here to serve u i divorced my wife just to be here

portfolio week 4: https://i.gyazo.com/06bbe734da33da6170560be9bde2fe86.png

week 2: https://i.gyazo.com/5351cd422b1e1d135759b67e60367691.png

i visit michelle obama, sydney and clara janine
238 days 21 hours ago
http://prntscr.com/pwl8b8 (inspiration: https://prnt.sc/pwl8jr )

I have recreated Dasom from Sistar's I Like That Music Video


entrance: https://www.tazo.com/sk-eu/content/dam/brands/tazo/united_states_ofamerica/1437215-00794522201020-top-down.png.rendition.470.470.png

Week 5: https://image.freepik.com/free-photo/hot-green-tea-cup-wood_66899-766.jpg

*visits clara and thomas*

*visits Taylor Ann*
*plugs in cassette tape*

thank you please enjoy
238 days 19 hours ago
238 days 18 hours ago


my go see is in inspired by the idea of twins, twinning, winning, dreams and the twiin towersill see sydney clara and ur sister


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