- A Zombie Survival Story -

“Everything was okay. Not the best, but not the worst. Tensions between countries rose exponentially due to foreign affairs. The UN disbanded, some countries declaring war on each other. The War divided Europe again, along with including asian countries for aid and the northern African countries, and the Middle East. Bombs and nukes were used viciously, only death and destruction riddled the Eastern Hemisphere. The Western Hemisphere decided to not be involved in the actions of war. However, word around concluded that a few countries in South America were creating some special super warrior serum to establish peace.

The news reported the serum being injected into cities in Peru and Brazil. Chaos ensued as the serum did what it wanted to create an army of peacekeepers. However if you call the undead keeping the peace by ending screams of the living, then sure, peacekeepers. Soon the serum induced undead flooded neighboring countries. South America went into anarchy, refugees trying to escape into Middle America or any plane or boat out of the continent. The serum plagued every person it came across, the only transfer being the bites of the undead, who were cannibalistic savages who lost all of their being. Being infected, you had a few hours before sickness ensued, and sure enough paralysis and death. However.. They got back up. They continued this process of serum transfer.

Middle American countries soon followed South America’s action of anarchy and fleeing. However, President of the United States Verington Scott was not allowing this process to continue. He locked down the borders and waterways, military personnel shooting anyone beyond the country borders. Within the next year, the serum made it to Mexico City. After being overrun, the higher government escaped via helicopter and dangerous aircraft personnel, leaving the city residents to die by the serum infected bodies. The Mexican president had enough of watching and listening to his people die, so instinctively he retaliated. Sent his last few bombers to open up the border. And it worked.

It was no time that the undead reached America. The Mexican military kept bombing American borders down south until only rubble was left. US Military were overrun as well. Not only the undead, but by refugees enacting revenge as well. Soon, southern states has to evacuate and move out. That’s where our story started. And how the world plummeted into shit.”

A calm voice echoed, shaking their head and sighing. It came from a young sandy blond man with tan skin, his fingers pinching the bridge of his nose in annoyance. A girl, about the same age with dark brown hair, looked at him, “Yeah, it sucked. But we wouldn’t have met without it.” She smiled, looking at him. He looks back at her, a corner of his mouth rising but falling after a scream erupts. “Duty calls.”


:: Main Cast ::

Ike Haddonfield (27) [Tizian]
Josephina Richards (26) [Tizian]
Jorge Williamson (28) [Kgamer2218]
Andrew Black (26) [Hazbez94)
Alex Richards

Celeste Neptune (18) [Tizian]
Samantha and Roger Neptune
Isaac Grant
Reign Linchester (18) [CoolKat]
Aaron Baxter (22) [Logie56]

Erich Heart
Byron Sheffield (22) [BrainJak]
Jay Nevermore (26) [Bigdizzleyomama]
Xania Chnetkinhova (25) [Ajathekween]
Nurse Penelope

Cassie Nichols
Vivian Accord (19) [Tizian]
Veronica Accord
Audrey Prescott (16) [ZombieKiller2802]
Johanna Florence (17) [JourdanBabyXoXo]
Mackenzie Jones (29) [Me2013]
Nyla Talbot (29) [Symmetry888]
Nurse Jackie
Nurse Inika

:: Supporting Cast ::

Ike's Parents (Daniel and Linda)
Josephina's Parents (Carlos and Irene) & Brother (Alex)
Celeste's Parents (Samantha and Roger)
Vivian's Mother (Veronica)
Isaac Grant
Olivia Marshton
Cassie Nichols
Erich Heart
Nurse Jackie
Nurse Inika
Nurse Penelope


101: Careful
~ A group surviving the wrath of an undead serum takes shelter in one of the member's family estate in northern California. Progressing 10 years in the future, the story begins of how a peaceful community turns awry.

102: ???
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103: ???
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104: ???
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