Danganronpa 4 Ultimate University

The sister project that was put aside during the Tiny Town project,  the Ultimate University, is now a last ditch effort to save the schools finding. A group of students were handpicked from a bunch of classes inside the school to represent the project. With no rules, no authority and no classes the students are told to create their own version of what school should be like. Little do they know the project isn't as safe as they once hoped it was.


Nathan (Ultimate Therapist) 17
Grieves (Ultimate Butler) 18
Josè (Ultimate Bicyclist) 18
Luke (Ultimate Hide n Go Seek Player) 15
Vanessa (Ultimate Jewel Expert) 17
Sara (Ultimate Clown) 18
Shirley (Ultimate Babysitter) 18
Beatrice (Ultimate Tumblr User) 16
Naomi (Ultimate Artist) 15
Jamie (Ultimate Cop) 17
Michelle (Ultimate Mashup Artist) 14
Latisha (Ultimate Slut) 18
Everett (Ultimate Urban Explorer) (Logie56)
Connor (Ultimate Ice Dancer) (JennaVelantina)
Benson (Ultimate Student Council Vice President) (BigDizzleYoMama)
Hector (Ultimate Student Council President) (Kgunzrok)
Jezebel (Ultimate Fujoshi) (AintItFun)
Morgana (Ultimate Satanist) (Coolkat)
Kate (Ultimate Illustrator) (Tomoko)
Veronica (Ultimate Spokesperson) (Sirniceguy)
Kirby (Ultimate Hero) (PikaPlayer)
Cosette (Ultimate Heiress) (immaxyman)
Zou (Ultimate Archer) (UnicornGoddess)
Ariella (Ultimate Knife Thrower) (Symmetry)
Aya (Ultimate Rakugo Artist) (Fell6)
Gabriel (Ultimate Snowboarder) (Demgirl6)
Mindy-Lee (Ultimate Test Subject) (RyanAndrews)

~Episode List~
Prologue "Packing My Bags" [X]
Episode 1 "Ultimate University" [X]
Episode 2 "A Bag of Miracles"
The school has a few new rooms open up. A group of students control the school via the student council with Hector in charge, but is he really the head of the snake? The new immunity vote looms amung everyone as the scramble for votes begins.
Episode 3 "Double The Fun"
Episode 4 "Liberty or Death"
Episode 5 "Trainwreck"
Episode 6 "Fight, Fight, Fight!"
Episode 7 "Wearing Us Down"
Episode 8 "Broken Hearts"
Episode 9 "Goodbye Despair"

Jack  (Chapter 1) Burned in Acid By Barney
Barney Executed in "How Not To Survive"

Danganronpa 1 & 2

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Danganronpa 4 Ultimate University

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