Danganronpa 4 Tiny Town of Lies

Hopes Peak academy has seen hard times. Nobody wants to send their kids to a death school. After an entire class went missing and three bodies were never found, parents have sent angry emails, letters and have even sued the school for their children's lives. Two years after the school was forced to pay for everything that happened, the school has decided that they need to fix their public reputation.

Meanwhile in California, Godfrey's School For Talented Students has decided to aid in the healing process for Hopes Peak Academy. Owner and Principal, Godfrey Goodman a former Ultimate Director for Hopes Peak 28th class has decided that the best way to fix Hopes Peak Reputation and even boost the popularity of Godfrey's School For Talented Students is to create a Television Drama surrounding some of their most over the top students. The schools craziest and over the top students will be sent to live together in one of the schools worst projects. Tiny Town.

Molly (Ultimate Carpenter) (GS) 16
Jen (Ultimate Mailman) (GS) 16
Tree (Ultimate Tree) (HPA) 14
Sasha (Ultimate Hater) (HPA) 17
Kelsey (Ultimate Patriot) (HPA) 17
Britney (Ultimate Downer) (HPA) 16
BonBon (Ultimate Beauty Queen) (GS) 18
Pearl (Ultimate Liar) (GS) ??
Cody (Ultimate Attention Whore) (HPA) 17
Sugar Daddy (Ultimate Candy Creator) (GS) 18
Gumdrop (Ultimate Creation) (GS) 16
Boo (Ultimate Halloween Spirit) (HPA) 15
Daniel (Ultimate Scholar) (GS) 17
Jason (Ultimate Eye Candy) (HPA) 18
Backster (Ultimate Dude) (HPA) 18
Edgar (Ultimate Teen Idol) (GS) 16
Melody (Ultimate Singer) (HPA) 17
Rex (Ultimate Drug Dealer) (GS) 18
Madam Penelope (Ultimate Psychic) (HPA) 15
Damari (Ultimate Beer Pong Player) (HPA) 17
Astrid (Ultimate Astronomer) (HPA) 15
Enrique (Ultimate Beauty Vlogger) (GS) 16
Uda (Ultimate YouTube Binger) (HPA) 17
'Kunai' (Ultimate Bounty Hunter) (GS) 17
Chisato (Ultimate Make Up Artist) (HPA) 15
Erin (Ultimate Sprinter) (GS) 15
Oliver (Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Expert) (HPA) 15
Anastasia (Ultimate Journalist) (GS) 18
Maddison (Ultimate Royalty) (GS) 17
Hank (Ultimate Heir to the Throne) (GS) 17

Episode 1 "Stardom, Here I Come!"
Episode 2 "The Old and the Peaceful"
Episode 3 "Babysitting Is Stupid"
Episode 4 "Spotlight On Me"
Episode 5 "Rock N Rude"
Episode 6 "Furrys Not Welcome"
Episode 7 "Die Bitch"
Episode 8 "Me, You and A Class Trial"
Episode 9 "Liar Liar"

Danganronpa 1 & 2

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Danganronpa 4 Tiny Town of Lies

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