Point Break

Welcome to Point Break!

In this debut season, 13 players will step foot into the Point Break House, and compete in a fight for glory that will test everyone’s physical strength, social ability, and strategic mind. At the end of this months-long struggle, the eliminated players will award the points they had at the time of their eviction to the three finalists, and the person with the most points will have the distinction of calling themselves the first champion of Point Break.

Final Standings:

Winner: Mel Smith (me2013) (Finished with 5,204 points)
2nd Place: Hoop Dancer (lhooper902976) (Finished with 2,948 points)
3rd Place: Tom Slikpins (solesurvivor11) (Finished with 1,156 points)
4th Place: Harry Wasnak (harrywasnak) (Evicted Week 8 with 211 points)
5th Place: Hiyoko Saionji (pikaplayer) (Evicted Week 7 with 2,612 points)
6th Place: Absol Brown (Absol) (Evicted Week 6 with 657 points)
7th Place: Jacob Becton (lifeiscool) (Expelled Week 6 - Inactivity)
8th Place: Brandon Stewart (BrandonBam) (Evicted Week 5 with 573 points)
9th Place: Lena Hartford (LenaRose) (Quit Week 5)
10th Place: Bread Master (BreadMaster0221) (Evicted Week 4 with 260 points)
11th Place: Viktor Prescott (epicwafflez23) (Evicted Week 3 with 0 points)
12th Place: JJ Steven (spintacularspinda) (Evicted Week 2 with 0 points)
13th Place: Guilherme Cruz (Chandelier) (Evicted Week 1 with 0 points)

Viewer’s Lounge: https://tengaged.com/group/9306-point-break-viewers-lounge

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