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148 days 15 hours ago
148 days 15 hours ago
The killer slowly looked at all of the potential victims with a machete in their hands.
Most of them were trying to avoid looking directly into the killer's eyes so they wouldn't be picked.
Killer: You Three!!
He points at Jimmy, Wade, and Lilly.
Killer: Come with me or I'll kill you right now with my nachete.
Wade: Why can't I get a break for once?
Lilly: Why me?
Jimmy; Guess I'm going to have to survive another killer after nearly being killed on my trip around the world.
The killer then forces them to walk into a torture chamber.
148 days 14 hours ago
Killer: Welcome to the torture, tonight 2 of you are going to die. Now each of you get onto your table or I'll kill you all right now.
The three quickly get on and the killer then quickly puts restraints on, not noticing that Wade and Jimmy's arm restraints weren't all the way tight.
Killer: Now which one of you should I start with.
The killer laughs evilly.
Killer: How about you.
He then goes up to Lilly and starts slicing open her stomach while Lilly is screaming.
Fed up with the screaming the killer then chops her head out and begins scooping out the intestines and for good measure takes out her eyeballs.
While the killer was doing that, both Wade and Jimmy were getting their restraints off.
Killer: Hope you both like intestines and eyeballs  since whoever lives has to eat them.
Wade: Oh god.
Jimmy: Your disgusting.
Killer: I think I'll kill you next Wade.After all I've been trying to kill you for a long time.
He then reveals his face and it's Billy.
Billy then goes up to Wade and just when he was aboit to kill Wade, Wade kicks his feet at Billy's arms, causing him to drop the machete.
Wade then hurries and grabs the machete. 
Wade: Game over Billy.
He then plunges the machete into Billy's head.
Wade: Let's get out of here.
Jimmy: I agree.
They both then leave the torture chamber and close the door.

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