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NBB Season 1 Applications

Topic » NBB Season 1 Applications

28 days 23 hours ago

Part 1: General Information:

First Name and Last Initial (Can be Fake):
Activity level on a scale of 1-10?

Part 2: Gameplay:

Are you able to take and send screenshots for challenges?
Are you more of a social, strategic, or physical player? Why?:
Are you more of a hero or a villain? Why?:
Do you consider yourself a brain, brawn, or beauty? Why?:

Part 3: Fun Questions:

Favorite flavor of chip:
Favorite color:
Celebrity crush:
Favorite food:
Favorite animal:
Stay in or go out:
Coke or Dr.Pepper:

Part 4: Agreements:

Will you respect the host?:
Will you respect game decisions and twists even if they poorly affects your game?:
Do you understand that being inactive can cause for your removal from the game?:
Do you agree to respect the players of the game?:
Do you understand that and slander/bullying will not be tolerated and will result in your immediate removal from the game?:

Any final words?:


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Nathan's Big Brother: Polaris APPS OPEN

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