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~Photoshoot Week 10: 👑A Queen Is Crowned!👑~

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983 days 11 hours ago
Hello My Final 2 Models!

Two beautiful and talented models stand before me!

Imani (Rubes) you are the clear front runner going into this weeks finale! With SIX Best Photo wins to your name you have truly dominated this season!

Lautrec (CYCLONE) you may be coming in as the underdog! But that does not mean you are strong competitor and confident model! You just need to perform your best this week!

So onto this weeks Three Shots!

Photoshoot #1: Miss World Campaign!

For this shoot I want you to go back to the basics of this season which is MISS WORLD! I want you both to give me a shot that represents your country, we have done something like this before but this shot needs to better as it will be your FRONT COVER for the ‘Miss World Magazine!’

Photoshoot #2: Turning Back Time!

For your second shot it is a classic finale shoot! This is where oh have to go back to a week in this season where you did the worst! You need to give me a shot that is better than the last! DO NOT DO THE REPRESENTATION OF YOUR COUNTRY WEEK!

Photoshoot #3: Bringing Home The Gold!

For your final shoot I want you to give me an all GOLDEN OR MOSTLY GOLDEN SHOT! This needs to resemble winning the crown and needs to be beautiful, editorial and high-fashion! W


Please tell me and the viewers why you should be crowned Bella’s Next Top Model Season 8 and Miss World!

You have 24 hours to post!

Good Luck ❤️
983 days 11 hours ago



983 days 11 hours ago
OMG! Congrats Allegra! And gl!

Lautrec :( 💓 <3333333333333
982 days 14 hours ago
Photoshoot #1 (Miss World Campaign!):

I love this photo because it’s representing my country and still looking fierce! I feel like the simplicity to this photo really helps it stand out more and makes you connect with my face. Also I think that in this case quality over quantity is what matters and I can totally see this being on the front cover of a magazine!

Photoshoot #2 (Turning Back Time!):

So for this photoshoot I could only pick between 2 challenges and the one I did worse in was the application photo for week 1. I wanted to show you how much I have improved since the very beginning of this competition. This is very high fashion and chic! The cat is perched on my shoulder and I’m giving you a fierce and strong look in my face! This is such an improvement from last time for me!

Photoshoot #3 (Bringing Home The Gold!):

I decided to go for this photo because you said you wanted it to resemble winning and this is what I’m going to be wearing for my crowning look! Also, it’s the last look of the season so go big or go home is the only option here! It’s elegant, regal and everything just looks glamorous! This is the perfect final look for me this season!

I think that I should be crowned the winner of Bella’s Next Top Model Season 8 because I have worked sooo hard in this competition week after week proving to you why I want it and that I am never ever going to give up. Week 1 I was in the middle of the pack, you liked my shot but it was overshadowed by my competition. Week 2 was the exact same I was placing in the middle. So I knew that I needed to do something to stand out from the rest and to show you what I can do. Since week 3 I have never placed lower than the top 3 getting amazing critiques after amazing critiques! Even when I was winning each week I never let my ego get big and be rude to the other queens I kept myself contained and respectful. My journey has been incredible winning the most POTW in a row and the most ever! The girls in this competition were very strong too and I knew that I was going to have a very hard time getting to the top because I wasn’t as experienced as them but as I said, I never give up no matter the circumstances and in the end I pushed and pushed my limits sending in high fashion and editorial photos each week to get to this point. I never once landed in the bottom 2 and I never even got a full on negative critique! For all of those reasons that I have stated I believe that I should be Bella’s Next Top Model!

Gl Allegra 💓
982 days 11 hours ago
I really hope Allegra posts soon <33333
982 days 2 hours ago
I feel like there's no point in even posting...
Rubes has done a record of 5 POTWs in a row

I won 1 ages ago and then got eliminated and only brought back because someone got banned so she's got this in the bag anyways and I'd just be wasting my time?
981 days 18 hours ago

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