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195 days 23 hours ago
Hello Models!

As you know only two of you were meant to make the Fianl Week! BUT after the poll being an shocking draw with both Hannah (MelindaMrskk) and Joss (Latisha0987) receiving 50% each I have decided to allow you both to join Lindsey (Emotion) in the final week of Bella鈥檚 Next Top Model Season 4!

So Models as the title reads we are now back in USA! And for your challenge this week you have the opportunity to do a previous Photoshoot again! Which week you do is totally up to you!

Week 1: California- Palm Trees 馃尨
Week 2: Canada- Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow 鉀勶笍
Week 3: United Kingdom- Dinner With The Queen 馃憫
Week 4: France- Accessories For You, For You, For You! 馃拲
Week 5: Italy- Traditions 馃敱
Week 6: South Africa- Going Back To Your Roots! 馃尶
Week 7: Sri Lanka- Who鈥檚 Your Idol? 馃悩
Week 8: Japan- The Return Of Geisha馃憳
Week 9: Russia- Please No Paparazzi 馃摳
Week 10: Argentina- Jessica Trosman! 馃懇馃徏

With your photo I want to know why you have chosen to do this Photoshoot again and tell me why you deserve to win?

You have 24 hours to post, Good Luck <3
195 days 16 hours ago

WEEK 6 - South African

I chose to do this photo, well it鈥檚 because I went home that week even thought I didn鈥檛 do the worst and this is completely different then my other photo! It鈥檚 high-fashion and editorial.

I should win because, yes I may have not had the most POTW but I have shown consistency, a level of high-fashion and stil a well-rounded Model and I have proven that by making it to the Final 3 again! I still have given you fabulous photos and never really had a bad photo. I will represent your franchise flawlessly and if you choose me to win you鈥檇 never reject it! Thank you so much for letting me making finals again and I truly should have the crown this time!
195 days 7 hours ago

Week 9 Russia- Please No Paparazzi 馃摳

I chose Week 9 because that week was the week I won my first and only competition. That week was also the week I became the last male model standing and from that point on, I represent all the male models that competed in this competition and I hope I will make them proud.

I should win because I have proven to any doubters out there that I can DELIVER!!! <3 <3
I've been given constructive criticisms left, right and center and I have shown that I can take those very well and adapt those critiques to my photoshoots. I dont have a lot of experience in joining Top Model Games but I've shocked everyone included myself that I can perform at the same level as the best models. Thank you hosts and voters for helping me get here. Good luck Hannah and Lindsey <3
195 days 4 hours ago

Week 1: California- Palm Trees

I wanted to come full circle with the last photo Challenge. The first week a lot of us didn't really know what we were doing. I was certainly within that group. While I did like the photo I submitted originally, I do feel like I have gained so much experience and become so much stronger in the time since then that I wanted to give it another shot and have a point of reference from beginning to end to mark my improvement.

I think that I came into this a rookie model. I had only ever done 2 Top Model groups prior to this and so it's been a fairly new experience for me. I think trial and error played a big part in me finding my footing in this competition. Early on I'll admit, I wasn't very consistent, but I feel like I grew into the model I am today throughout this competition and was able to perfect my style and really just give this thing my all and do everything in my power to impress you judges each week and in turn impress myself. As this competition went on I feel as if I have gotten stronger and stronger. I've never been the winner of a Top Model group and I would love for this to be my first. I think I've proven myself to be worthy and I hope that you judges will reward my growth and my body of work with a win.
194 days 13 hours ago
193 days 14 hours ago

Hannah --> I love that you chose to re-do the challenge in the week that you were (unjustly) eliminated. I know firsthand that you would be a worthy winner, as you have rarely disappointed over the past few seasons. This photo is great and is finale-worthy. You look amazing and the scenery really conveys African excellence. Your outfit is old school African meets high fashion couture, which I love... the shoes are my favorite part. You gave a completely valid and thought out argument why you should win. Good luck to you!

Joss --> It's funny that you did the exact of Hannah and chose to re-submit for the challenge you won in, which I think can show that you can offer depth in thought in terms of following assignments. I think your submission clearly meets the criteria of Challenge #9 [street or paparazzi photo] but it doesn't have the WOW factor that Hannah's does. It looks more posey than unplanned, however you do look great and it's a good shot. But, it will be tough to beat the girls in this finale. I applaud you for doing so well in your first Top Model game, and wish you luck going forward!

Lindsey --> Everything you submit just jumps off the page for me. You have such a strong eye for high fashion and eye catching photos, which is especially impressive seeing as you have only played a few Top Model games. My only critique of this photo is that you somewhat blend into the palm tree and I would have loved a contrast with a light or dark green colored palm to really make your outfit pop. You clearly have the strongest resume, but you're up against two exceptionally strong competitors. Last round, only .5 points separated you all - and I see it being a close finale as well. Best of luck :)
193 days 11 hours ago
Challenge Critiques:



My comeback queen is truly delivering in this amazing challenge photo! Like Blake said I am so happy that you chose to redo the South Africa week as it was the shocking moment where you were eliminated this season. You look very elegant and sophisticated in this shot, I can鈥檛 critique it anyway. The high-fashion element is giving me chills and the setting just looks great! Well done <3


After your amazing submissions last week you have truly shown the judges and I the amazing potential you have. I am glad as well that you choose to do this Week again but this photo just is not one of my favourites from you. I have to say that this is too edited for my liking, it feels very structured and not natural. You are probably the least experienced model here left in the final 3 but you have done so well to make it this far <3


I am so impressed that you went all the way back to the first ever photoshoot and provided me with another amazing photo. Each week you have provided me with photos that are outstanding and for someone who may not be as experienced as other models you have definitely surprised me! This photo is very modern and editorial and I love the use of different colours. My only critique is that I wish your body was doing something more, it is very chilled. But overall nice photo <3

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