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156 days 22 hours ago
Hello Models and welcome to you next Photoshoot!

For this weeks Photoshoot you must submit a photo that is based on Space! I want to see stars, crazy, darkness and magic! This Photoshoot is showing me and Kara how versatile you are as models! Remeber to submit a good photo as points count this week!

Good luck Models you have 24 hours to post <3
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My Critiques:


Angelique: This is so creative I adore the thinking and time you took to take this photo. You are a very passionate model who loves what they do, im so proud of you for reaching it this far! This photo is giving space, stars and solar systems but I feel there is a sense of editorial missing. Each photo must follow the guidelines like yours, but also be editorial and high-fashion.

Kellan: Now this photo is totally the opposite to Angelique’s. This is very editorial and I could see this a magazine spread but I feel like its missing the space element. You have given me good colours but no resemblance to space. You are also another dedicated model and have shown some great potential throughout the whole competition.

Blake: Wow this is so unique! I was not expecting this when I opened your photo, it is very different from your usual submissions. However, I do like it as it stands out from the others. You have incorporated the element of space and gravity but keeping the shot editorial. Plus the face looks outstanding here, well done <3 You have been excellent during this whole competition, making the top two nearly every week. Good Job!

Zya: WHAT AN AMAZING OUTFIT! The props and the outfit in this photo really make this work brilliantly. You have made me want to fly straight to the moon and chill with some aliens. I do wish your hair wasn’t covering your face but that doesn’t matter that much. From the very moment you entered the competition you have been at the top with Blake, showing me that you are a worthy finalist <3

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