Bella's Next Top Model Season 5!

Welcome to Bella's Next Top Model Season 5!

•Host and Judge: Bella- Iconic Model and Lover of ANTM!
Patrick (GrrrImABear) S4-: An fashion icon who knows what to look for in a photo! A high-fashion idol who is an inspiration to all SUPERMODELS ❤️
Hannah (MelindaMrskk) S5-: The Amazing Winner Of Seasn 4! An icon in all of her shots and is looking for another amazing model to take her CROWN 👸🏼!

There are many Modelling groups on tengaged, however most focus on one gender! This series of Bella's Next Top Model requires guys and girls!

•The Purpose of Colours:•
-Red: Admin/Judge
-Blue: Boys
-Pink: Girls

•Season 1- ~💸Beginners Luck💸~ Placements: •
Winner: Kasia Zaleski // Warsaw, Poland // 22 [K4R4K]
Runner-Up: Augustus Rose//20// Ibiza, España[Maicolx3]
3RD Place: Abel DaCosta//21//New York (Russell11)
Call-Out Chart:

•Season 2- ~ 🏝Survive or Survive🏝~ Placements: •
Winner: Valentin Rose//20//Freehold, New Jersey (Maicolx3)
Runner-Up: Mason Charm//26//Los Angeles, California (CoolKat)
3RD Place: September Banks//16//Houston, Texas (Michelle990)
Call-Out Chart:

•Season 3~ 🌪Big Brother Twist!🌪~ Placements•:
1ST Place: Blake Lazaretta//23//Rome, Italy (bambinoswag)
2ND Place: Zya Washington//19//Hawaii, Honolulu (MelindaMrskk)
3RD Place: Angelique Carver//20//Brazil, Brazilia (CoolKat)
Call-Out Chart:

•Season 4~ 🌏Around The World!🌏~ Placements•:
1ST Place: Hannah Evans//18//Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (MelindaMrskk)
2ND Place: Lindsey Anson//18//Portland, Oregon, USA (Emotion)
3RD Place: Joss Mooney//30//United Kingdom (Latisha0987)
Call-Out Chart:

•Season 5~ 👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♂️Battle Of The Sexes👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♂️~Placements •:
Call-Out Chart:


1. Alexandria Lavender//17//London, England (Michelle990)
2. Ally Rhodes//26//Sydney, Australia (Aria_grande)
3. Chloe Laine//22//Reading, Pennsylvania (SummerRae101)
4. Tatiana Gonzales//22//Maui, Hawaii (Boozes)

1. Jakob Albertsson//21//Reykjavik, Iceland (LenaRose)
2. Tristian Venturi//24//Florence, Italy (IceBear)

7th: Erin Windsor//23//Boston, Massachusetts (Ribbons) ELIMINATED 33.3% Against Chloe (SummerRae101) 66.7%
8th: Carter Swift//23//London, England (CoolKat) ELIMINATED 42.1% Against Jakob (LenaRose) 57.9%
9th: Clay Honeycutt//26//College Station, Texas (Latisha0987) PULLED-OUT
10th: Archie Wheeler//23//California, USA (Rubes) ELIMINATED 21.2% Against Jakob (LenaRose) 81.8%
11th: Clementine Parker//21//Palo Alto, California (Girlnextdoor) ELIMINATED 40% Against Alexandria (Michelle990) 60%
12th: Zach Pine//18//Laurel Springs, New Jersey (Tommy123) ELIMINATED 23.8% Against Carter (CoolKat) 76.2%

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