Patsy's Big Brother 2: Summer of Spells!

Last season we had the Dungeon, a variety of competitions, weekly fights and the multi twist, this season we will have..

Magic spells, witches, potions and more!

Join this new season of Big Brother: Summer of Spells!
HOST: Patsy (BBHoe)

Duke (Dukeyy)
Burger (Burgerman2929292)
Ty (CanadianBacon420)
Matyáš (Neximos)
Cassie (Cookie_13)
Dylan (Dylangover1)
Kyle (RedsKanto)
Timothy (Naruto213)
Ross (Ross56)
Michael (FairyBoss)
Demonika (WitchBitch)
Adam (Dane_Williams)
Hoop (lhooper902976)

S1 Voting Sheet:
Viewers longue:
Jury house:

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I'm sorry.
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Applications Part 2!
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