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12 days 15 hours ago
I mean even Callum mispells it so
12 days 13 hours ago
Lucy was robbed shouldn鈥檛 be in bottom 2 anyways
11 days 18 hours ago
Tonight's show will take place 1 hour later, 10:30 PM GMT!

Good luck all
11 days 17 hours ago
Can鈥檛 wait
11 days 17 hours ago
I鈥檓 going to have to postpone this episode. Our internet is so bad due to a recent storm!
Will mail you all shortly.
11 days 17 hours ago
We want The Four Comeback Episode!!!
LOL jk
Hope your internet is better soon!
11 days 17 hours ago
I was going to try post on the phone but with five judges comments it鈥檚 impossible 馃槀
11 days 16 hours ago
Thats true and GL tomorrow as I hope Pleun survives.
11 days 15 hours ago
take your time Tommy  lol
11 days 4 hours ago
Omg it is back! I will be posting a special non-live show for the Top 14 boys and girls momentarily.

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