Danganronpa - Double-Edged Hope

Hope's Peak Academy. Home of the Ultimate Students. Bastion of Hope for all of Japan.

At least, it was once that way. Long ago.

Ten years ago, the school began asserting its dominance over the government of Japan. Three years later, it had established its oligarchy. Current and former students, along with the staff, now ruled over the rest of the country, with a clear, nearly impenetrable class division. The only way to move up? Get scouted by the school.

Of course, no ruling party comes without its rebels. There are those who no longer believe in the "hope" that Hope's Peak has taken to spreading as a part of its rule, thinking of it as nothing more than a platitude. The leading force of the rebels thought of it as something far more heinous: despair. Unfortunately, they were banished to the Moon after a failed demonstration. Despite that, and the illegality of rebellion against the government, small pockets of rebels did make attending the school somewhat dangerous.

It is now time for the 90th class to begin their time at Hope's Peak Academy. They are a special class, for they are the first that will attend the school's newest facility. However, the night before they were to begin their studies at the school, every student in the class vanished. Hope's Peak quickly began a manhunt, believing this to be the work of the rebel group, but the truth is that no one knows what happened to the students... except for the students themselves.

The 90th class has found themselves sealed within the new facility at Hope's Peak Academy, unaware of how they managed to get to the school. Unknowingly on the brink of a vicious killing game, their decisions will have far greater consequences than they realize.

This is the story of the academy of despair and the students of hope.


•Dai Ohno, Ultimate Disciplinarian [17, Male, SirNiceGuy]
•Rushie Kitamura, Ultimate Serial Killer Enthusiast [17, Female, AintItFun]
•Sayuri Nakagawa, Ultimate Legacy [17, Female, z3ro]
•Takeko Yutani, Ultimate Naginata Practitioner [16, Female, ccwagu]
•Zenzo Hatakeyama, Ultimate Soteriologist [18, Male, Absol]

//Deceased Students//
•Kimi Kajiyama, Ultimate Lucky Student, blood loss via stomach gash [CH1, Logie56]
•Jamie McLein, Ultimate Chatterbox, executed in "Eat Your Own Words" [CH1, WestTemp]
•Jiho Kabasaki, Ultimate Runner, blood loss via slit throat [CH2, rodrigueseve]
•Todashi Shirane, Ultimate Manipulator, executed in "Web of Lies" [CH2, RyanAndrews]
•Yuri Himura, Ultimate Contortionist, external and internal trauma via back injuries [CH3, UnicornGoddess98]
•Wolfgang Backinblack, Ultimate Paladin, executed in "Dungeons and Despair" [CH3, AintItFun]
•Saruwatari Yoshihiko, Ultimate Ball Boy, poisoning via chemical solution [CH4, tyboy618]
•Sylvie Noria, Ultimate Ribbon Dancer, asphyxiation via strangulation [CH4, kgunzrok]
•Norihito Sakaguchi, Ultimate Parkourist, executed in "Reflection's Border" [CH4, Logie56]
•Bastianna Galanos, Ultimate Nun, blunt force trauma via head injury [CH5, RyanAndrews]
•Ammon Menes, Ultimate Pharoh, executed in "The Destruction of Maat" [CH5, bigdizzleyomama]

•Prologue - The Ultimate Experiment? [245]
•Chapter 1 - United We Stand, Divided We Despair [2042, 273, 200 | 2515]
•Chapter 2 - Bonds of Friendship [930, 324, 303 | 1557]
•Chapter 3 - V-Day/D-Day [678, 238, 123 | 1039]
•Chapter 4 - 2 Hearts Stop Beating Together [214, 111, 182 | 507]
•Chapter 5 - Gravity of the Situation [227, 45, 200 | 472]
•Chapter 6 - Between the Double Edges [168, 372 | 540]
•Epilogue - The Ultimate Destiny... [49]

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