Queenisha Lee's Dance Company

I am looking for amazing, talented, and beautiful dancers around the nation to compete week after week. In the end, four dancers will remain on the eve of nationals, but only ONE dancer's  solo will receive the overall high score at the StarBound National Dance Competition.

Do you have what it takes to become the next Maddie Ziegler?
Apply today!

Gameplay: Every single round besides the first one I will rank every dancer from the top to the bottom of the pyramid based on the previous round's performance. 
The dancer on the top of the pyramid will receive advantages during that round.
Bottom row dancers will receive penalties and one will be eliminated the following round (there is no elimination at the end of the first round).

The pyramid will be decided by four categories (the value/points assigned to each category might change round to round).

-A game/challenge will be posted and points will be awarded depending how well you do. These games will be either traditional group game games (i.e. the iconic survivor make-a-flag challenge) or flash player games. This is the physical component to this game.

-Similar to Project Runway/RPDR. Every round there will be guidelines and themes for the group dance alongside any other dances you may find yourself in (trios/duets/solos). This is the artistic component to this game.

-The way this category works is that there will be different options for you to choose for your dance. I will post dance types/dance moves/lighting choices/music choices/etc for you to choose from. Every single option carries a different amount of points that add up to your score. This is the luck component to this game.

- As a hit Lifetime TV show, in order to stay on the air, we will need good ratings. Polls/blogs/and even your fellow dancers up/down voting each other will decide which one of you brings in the most ratings. Dancers with good ratings may receive immunity due to their fanbase! This is the popularity component to this game.

Now, there is also a strategic component in this game, but that will be revealed at the first elimination ;).


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Queenisha Lee's Dance Company

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