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Date: August 26, 2018, 4 months after season two
Weather: 74 degrees, sunny

August 26, 2018, 12:30 a.m.  - Parkers Canyon street / Orphanage -

        Madam Lynette is strolling down the streets of Parkers Canyon; Jenna, Brad, and Chris follow just behind her. She stops in front of a large, three-story home. “Ah,” she smiles, “here we are.” She turns around to face the circle of witches. “Home sweet home.”
        Brad looks up at the building. “This is it? Isn’t it kind of-”
        “Shitty?” Jenna jumps in, cracking a sly smile.
        “Well,” Brad looks down. “I was going to say abandoned. That works, too.”
        “It has its quirks,” Lynette smiles. “A bit of work here and there, and it’ll be upright in no time at all.”
        “Uh, huh,” Jenna smiles and steps past the front gate, making her way up the front porch stairs. “So, this is where we’re going to be staying?”
        Madam Lynette follows behind Jenna, the boys in tow. “That’s correct,” she nods. “There’s plenty of space; this used to be an orphanage many, many years ago.”
        “I have a dad,” Chris murmurs behind her. Lynette turns around gives him a scolding eye.
“Right, well,” Lynette motions them away with her hands. “You should get started if you want this place to be homier; it won’t clean itself.”

August 26, 2018, 7:00 a.m. - Parkers Canyon streets -

        A man in a trenchcoat paces around Town Square slapping paper printouts sporadically on buildings and windows. “Here, take this,” he shoves one of the papers at a random passerby, but the woman hussels away from him quickly. “They’re taking our children!” He shouts after her, but she doesn’t look back.
        He continues down the street posting the papers. “Hey!” a man calls after him, stepping out of the Pizzeria. “You can’t post this here,” he shouts, waving one of the posters at the man. “This is a private business, you crazy…”
        “Keep it!” The trenchcoat man shouts back. He hurries down the street, attempting to hand out more papers to pedestrians, but he is mostly ignored. The Pizzeria manager looks down at the poster: a picture of Kylie Blue with the words “THEY KILLED ME” printed in bold lettering.

August 26, 2018, 7:30 a.m. - Vincent Residence -

        Sheriff Vincent walks out his front door, throwing his sunglasses on. He unlocks his police cruiser and opens the driver door. He realizes he forgot his cell phone and turns to go back for it.
He looks up at his garage, and he stops in his place. He removes his sunglasses as he stares up at the vandalized door. An ominous message is written in large, blood-red paint: “HE KNOWS.”
407 days 15 hours ago
August 26, 2018, 8:00 a.m. - Parkers Canyon High Montage -

        Rebecca Clarke stands in the center of the hallway handing out pamphlets of her own: “Christ can and WILL save you.” She smiles and touches her cross necklace with every pamphlet she gives out.

        Sophia Vincent goes through the school’s new metal detector, showing off her belly button ring when the detector sounds its alarm. She passes through and catches up with Torrance Grant, who is looking over Calvin Williams’ latest column draft. Aaron Cornett quietly stands close by.

        Luke Vincent glances over at Martin Crestwood, but Martin turns the corner. Luke nods to Marc Chang. Marc is standing next to Evelyn Savage preparing for an interview. Elias Conway gives Evelyn the thumbs up, and she tosses her hair over her shoulder and raises the microphone.

        Austin Applegate, Vernon Crosby, and Dolly Greer stroll down the hall together, watching on as Charlie Carter and River Papoulis hang a campaign poster directly in front of Robby Korden’s.

        Victoria Gold struts out of the stairwell with Luna Montage and Nina Lowe. A few moments later, Nikki Tressler peeks her head out and exits, followed by her siblings, Ambrose and Lucy. 

        Rye Wilson walks into the Student Lounge, making a bee-line to the vending machines. He is careful to not look at Jenny James; she is sitting with Lilly Lane, Simone Sullivan, and Ailee Snow.

        Nolan Kalosso stands in the office waiting for Ms. Davis to give him his schedule. Hadley Sanders randomly exits what seems to be a closet and casually walks down the hallway.

        Outside, Oliver approaches the school and throws on his beanie. Chance Hudson holds open the door for Julie Bennett; she smiles and looks down. Karma Steadman is leaning against the school building. Tessa Fox stands outside the front doors, ripping down a white poster in anger. The poster falls to the ground: a picture of CJ with the words “THEY KILLED ME” printed in bold lettering.

In this episode:
Tonight: An away Basketball game at North Bay High. Expect an after-party.
Tomorrow: We return to Parkers Canyon High. Later, a lantern release is hosted for the anniversary of Lindsey Grant’s death.

**(Posting begins at 5:00 p.m. CST // 6:00 p.m. EST)**
407 days 13 hours ago
**(You may begin posting. We will be starting at the away game at North Bay Gym; everyone can either be there or arriving!)**
407 days 13 hours ago
*Sophia rolls on in to the North Bay Gym, rocking her new style, hot as ever. I’d do a recap on what’s happened to her since the four months but, I can’t be fucked.*
407 days 13 hours ago
*Hey, it's Vernon! Say hi to Vernon. It's been a while, hasn't it? Anyway, Vernon's already at the game with some pizza.

407 days 13 hours ago
*Victoria Gold exits the underground area and walks through the hallways of the school to the nearest exit*
407 days 13 hours ago
*is already at the snack counter waiting to buy some Twizzlers*
*pulls on her cheer uniform, checking her phone*
407 days 13 hours ago
*austin walks in with his drawing journal he looks around*
^dang I’ve never actually been to a basketball game^
407 days 13 hours ago
*arrives at the gym looking around*
407 days 13 hours ago
*Aaron sat quietly in the stands, his notebook in hand as he waited for the game to begin.*
407 days 13 hours ago
River: *is at the gym welcoming everyone to the gym handing out pins to vote for Charlie - like I imagine her to do that*
407 days 13 hours ago
*is in the North Bay locker room, tying her cheer shoes*
407 days 13 hours ago
( I’ll be on @7pm EST! )
407 days 13 hours ago
*Tessa pulls her hair back into a high pony, in her cheer outfit*
Tessa: ^Good God I wish I could be wearing my boots.^
407 days 13 hours ago
*Elias sits in the stands giggling*
Oh my god im so ready for this game haha!
407 days 13 hours ago
*Sophia walks over to Dolly; in Cheer uniform.*
“Hope you’re prepped.”

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