Scream: Genesis

Death Count: 94

Scream - Jeremy Moss [Aintitfun] - GIFTED
Scream: Cold Blooded - Dakota Cunningham [DakotaCoons] - GIFTED
Scream: Cruise Liner - Claudette Haas [Tizian] - GIFTED
Scream: Genesis - Louisa Smart [aria_grande] - GIFTED

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Each episode a player will die depending on the choices they make. Depending on whats happening in an episode you may choose to go to any events that will be happening due to the influential characters in the story. There will be a point system, you get points by going to events. The riskier the event the more points you will get. The player with the most points by the end of each season wins. There may also be mini challenges that'll decide your fate in the game.

- Season 1 Backstory -
Swift Lake, in 1989. Lindsay Pucket was born from Taylor Swift after her murder/suicide against Selena Gomez and her own husband at the time. 2017 now and coming back for revenge for not being included into her rightful Swift family, Lindsay went homicidal, killing over 15 teens in the town of Swift Lake. Survivors say she had an accomplice, even with the towns Mayor saying they survived an attack with Lindsay there was no telling who else was behind the mask during the murders.

- Season 2 Continued -
Going onto the next season we find out that Lindsay Pucket didn't have just one accomplice, she had two! They were siblings Emma and Niko Gomez, children of deceased Selena Gomez. They continued the murder spree because they felt that they needed to take revenge on the Swift family for the murder of their mother Selena Gomez. Together they helped Lindsay get away with multiple murders, even after Lindsay was killed they continued the spree. The psychotic incest relationship was finally stopped by Brandy Swift herself. However the story goes deeper as Niko received a call in Prison from an unknown future assailant.

- Season 3 Continued -
Al Lakers was the one to phone Niko Gomez in Prison. He wanted to let him know that he would finish the job. Al Lakers is the brother of Bronco Lakers who was killed by Taylor Swift back in 1989. [Bronco was in fact the husband who was cheating on Taylor with Selena] However Bronco cheated on Taylor before the 1989 incident with a young Miley Swift which caused the distrust in the first place. Pregnant and coming from a catholic family, Miley had to go through with the pregnancy and pass it off as if it was Taylor's by staying inside all those 9 months because the Swift family didn't want to get shunned since it was an early time. [Brandy Swift was this baby.] After the 1989 incident, Miley underwent Psycho Therapy due to trauma so she'd be fit to lead a normal life. Al found this out from family records and as soon as he became Mayor clarified it with the files he found on the Swift family. Wanting revenge he set up the death cruise to try kill them with the help of his daughter Avery Lakers but they were only killed off themselves.

- Season 4 Continued -
After all the recent murders that have taken place a year after the Cruise Liner incident. Harley Diaz was beheaded by Miley Swift herself after trying to finish the job of Al and Avery Lakers. He put on the mask because he was going to be incriminated anyway once the new Mayor opened the safe revealing his involvement in the Cruise Liner murders. He was dating Avery and was paid off by Al Lakers to rig the election for him against Miley Swift at the time so he could plan the Cruise and kill them once and for all. However that all failed and Harley Diaz was left to pick up the pieces only to have the Swifts outplay him like they did to the killers before him.

Miley Swift 32 (S1)
Brandy Swift 19 (S1)
Breanna Thomas 20 (S1)
David Gomez 26 (S1) [DEAD]
Nicole Lively 27 (S2)
Courtney Clarke 19 (S3)
Emily Young Student 17 (S3) [DEAD]
(These characters will influence the game)

Annie Wong 42 - [DEAD]
Ashton Shaw 20 - [DEAD]
Brooke Lakers 35 - [DEAD]
Byron Black 47 - [DEAD]
Denzel Byrne 19 - [DEAD]
Dexter Clarke 34 - [Mayor]-[DEAD]
Harley Diaz 27 - [DEAD]
Laurel Bennett 19 - [DEAD]


Claudette Haas [Tizian] +113
Louisa Smart 29 [aria_grande] +126

Featured Players 8 playing

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