Hotel 302 (donezo)

- December 24, 2003 : Braedon, Ohio -

It's Christmas Eve, and the snow has been coming down along the road, piling up to where you can barely see and/or drive. The radio station you're on has been saying to get to safety for the past half hour, but you seem to be driving to a long road that goes on forever.

When a handful of guests see the neon sign for Hotel 302, they're relieved to get out of the blizzard and into a safe place for the night. And the hotel owner, Jonathan P. Bentley, is only happy for them to be okay. Yet, there's something different about Hotel 302.

Tiffany Bentley ~ Pokepat
Bridgette Adams ~ Pokepat | F1R1
Dylan Waxman ~ Logie56 | F1R2
Meena Sahara ~ Dmpwb45 | F5R1

Charlies Vincent ~ CHAEL | DEAD
Tristan Cox ~ Pokepat | DEAD
Erica Jensen ~ Rain848 | DEAD
Freya Conu ~ Noxity | DEAD
Trevor Salavon ~ bigdizzleyomama | DEAD
Jonathan P. Bentley ~ Pokepat | DEAD

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Hotel 302
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Quick RP [Hotel 302] Applications
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Hotel 302 (donezo)

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