Papa's Survivor: Caribbean

After 1 season, Papa's Survivor is now back, with new twists, new players, and so much more in store!

This time, players will now be in the Caribbean competing for the chance of possibly earning a gift.

This season, 4 tribes of 4 will compete. In every reward challenge, the tribes will compete as normal, but in immunity challenges, I will randomly turn these 4 tribes into 2 mega tribes. The losing mega tribe will go to tribal council together and vote one person collectively.

In the end, only one will remain and win the title of Sole Survivor and (maybe) a gift.

Garrett / Garrett5 (V-V)
Kyle / Kgamer2218 (G-V)
Felipe / FelipeS (G-V)
Luca / LiukBB (G-V)
Valentina / JennaValentina (S-V)
Rose / TheRoseHorse (S-V)
Waf / waf_ (D-V)

Hudson / rapidsmartypants (D-D)
X / FireX (D-D)
Gamo / ThisIsMyGame (D-D)
Hoop / lhooper902976 (V-D)
Jimmy / Jacadeux (V-D)
Federico / FedeBenna (V-D)
Adam / AdamLovesEverything (S-D)

16th - Alejandro / PichoteDestroyer - Gouyave
15th - Michael / MichaelM099 - Sauteurs

Twist #1: 4 tribes of 4. Every immunity challenge, I will turn them into 2 mega tribes, who will go to tribal council together. The mega tribe will be disbanded once tribal council ends.

Twist #2: Rule Breakers: If evicted, the tribe swap or merge will happen the following episode. If the rule breakers make it to the tribe swap or merge without getting voted off, they're immune for that round!

Twist #3: (Announced later in the game)

Featured Players 4 playing

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Papa's Survivor: Caribbean

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