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2527 days 12 hours ago
Survivor(12 people)
It starts off with randomizing 2 tribes of 6 people. Then I will put the 2 tribe names in the list randomizer, and each round the tribe at the BOTTOM of the list, will go to the Tribal Council where 1 of them will get'd voted out.

This will continue on to the merge(6 people remain). Where first they will be'd individual immunity each round. and then there name will be tooken out of the list, and the next person at the top will be eliminated.

In final 3 I will there names 7 times, and the amount of times they are at the top is the amount of votes they will get. If it is a 3-3-1 tie, the top 2 will be'd one more time to decide a winner.

1st- 15 Reward Points
2nd- 7 Reward Points
3rd- 4 Reward Points
4th- 3 Reward Points
5th- 2 Reward Points
6th- 1 Reward Point
2409 days 19 hours ago
2409 days 19 hours ago

open group

||iTy990's Games League||

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